Educational platform for professionalization in car design | EdTech case study

Educational platform for professionalization in car design | EdTech case study

EdTech 2muchcoffee case study.
How does platform work?
The platform has 3 types of users:
Admin - has the option to add and edit content for students

Tutor - has the option of adding his lessons for admin review and look through + comment on students work after they have finished the course. Unique content provided by tutors is perfectly safe within the platform, no one can share courses with other users without a subscription.

Student - after becoming a member, has access to the variety of courses with different difficulty level by completion of which he can upgrade his skills in various categories. He can easily communicate with other students and tutors within private or group chat, share files or add his works for tutors to review.

Courses are divided into different categories each of them developing special skills which students can improve in personal accounts by completing respective courses, adding their works and getting tutor reviews.
The monthly subscription starts with 3 pre-selected unlocked courses and 1-course credit to unlock 1 course free of choice. Every week student receives one more course credit that can also be collected to unlock new courses.

We specialize in creating Web, Mobile, and design solutions to turn business ideas into products. We provide our customers with one-stop servicing that covers all the aspects of software production:
- End-to-end mobile and web development;
- Code expertise;
- UI/UX design;
- Cloud-based solutions;
- Advanced Quality Assurance.

- Financial Technologies
- E-Commerce & Retail
- Media & Entertainment
- Education & Human Resources
- Healthcare & Life Science
- Software & Hi-Tech
- Gaming & Leisure
- Real Estate & Property

- SaaS Development
- Marketing platforms
- B2B/B2C marketplaces
- Platform Development
- Data Science & Big Data
- IoT & Embedded
- UX/UI Design
- Mobile App Development
- DevOps & Cloud




January 17, 2019