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Greek Tragedy

January 02, 2022

Greek Tragedy


January 02, 2022

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  1. Antigone leads Oedipus out of Thebes Charles François Jalabert Musée

    des Beaux Arts, Marseilles, France
  2. Diagram courtesy of: https://themusicofa ncientgreece.weebly. com/theatre.html

  3. Terra cotta masks, image courtesy of: http://theatreofancientgreece.blogsp ot.com/2015/11/satyr-play.html

  4. “Oedipus and the Sphinx” (1808), Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres Courtesy of the

    Louvre https://www.louvre.fr/en/oeuvre- notices/oedipus-explaining-enigma-sphinx
  5. “ Laocoön and sons, also known as the Laocoön Group.

    Marb copy after an Hellenistic original from ca. 200 BC.
  6. “ https://www.hist ory.com/topics/a ncient- greece/parthenon

  7. https://seattledivo rceservices.com/gr eek-chorus/

  8. https://www.quora.c om/Can-you-explain- the-poem-of-John- Keats-Ode-on-a- Grecian-Urn-in-a- simple-way

  9. Aristotle Roman copy in marble of a Greek bronze bust

    of Aristotle by Lysippos, c. 330 BC, https://www.britannica.co m/biography/Aristotle
  10. “The Death of Socrates” (1787) Jacques-Louis David https://www.metmus eum.org/art/collecti on/search/436105

  11. Oedipus the King, 1967 GB Philip Saville

  12. Friedrich Nietzsche, looking off into the distance, probably Beyond Good

    and Evil
  13. As the gods must have their due this Power-Point concludes.

    So wisdom comes to you. “Antigone condemned to death by Creon" (1845) Giuseppe Diotto