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The Evolution of Documentation in NASDAQ

The Evolution of Documentation in NASDAQ

Adekunle Oduye

May 14, 2017

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  1. The evolution of documentation in NASDAQ Adekunle Oduye @adekunleoduye

  2. My name is... • Product Designer at NASDAQ • Co-organizer

    at Gotham Sass & SassConf Adekunle Oduye (Add-eh-koon-lay Oh-due-yay)
  3. What I hope everyone will learn: • How to write

    useful documentation • How docs can increase the usage of a design system
  4. Where we started: Pattern Library

  5. What was the purpose of the Pattern Library? • Was

    created for GCS design team • Used for creating front-end prototypes
  6. How the Pattern Library was use Pattern Library Designer Designer

    Designer Designer Designer GCS Product Design Team
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  10. Problems with our Pattern Library • Misuse of patterns •

    Implementation wasn’t intuitive • Too many pattern variations
  11. Where we ended up: UI Guidelines

  12. How we wanted UI Guidelines to be used UI Guidelines

  13. UI Guidelines Team Breakdown UI Guidelines Framework Docs Creative

  14. I wasn’t too excited about working on docs

  15. Documentation Process

  16. None
  17. Documentation Process

  18. Outline for creating documentation: • Overview • Implementation • Usages

    • Visual Details * • Dos & Don’ts * * These aren’t needed for all patterns
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  21. UI Guidelines: Buttons

  22. UI Guidelines: Buttons

  23. UI Guidelines: Buttons

  24. UI Guidelines: Alerts

  25. None
  26. Using the same process for our charting library

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  32. “As instructions are to a product, documentation is to design

  33. A design system is an educational tool

  34. In Summary: • Good docs contain details about implementation and

    usage • Have others within the company help when creating docs • Test out your documentation
  35. Thanks for listening!!!! Adekunle Oduye @adekunleoduye www.adekunleoduye.com