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Fundamental Cannabis Grow Lighting

Fundamental Cannabis Grow Lighting

There are many cannabis grow lights on the market from HPs to LED, then there is the "Renaissance" by Fundamental Lighting Solutions, a Cannabis Grow Lighting System that communicates with the plants to produce more fruit.


Solar Plants

July 29, 2021


  1. Fundamental Lighting Solutions (FLS) Integrating Sustainable Technology to Solve Tomorrow’s

    Energy Needs Today Wayne Bliesner Founder and CEO
  2. Breakthrough grow light for commercial cannabis farms. Highest light intensity

    on the market. Tunable spectrum. Lowest heat. Zero maintenance for 5 years. UL and CSA certified. FLS Renaissance Grow
  3. The Problem Commercial indoor cannabis growers use High Pressure Sodium

    (HPS) lighting. Inefficient, hot suboptimal spectrum (limited <1500 micromoles). Toxic bulbs. High maintenance costs. High Operational costs.
  4. The Solution? Patented LED Grow Lights that Cannabis Loves. Most

    Efficient. Better spectrum. More light. Less heat . Nontoxic. Durable, low-maintenance.
  5. FLS Renaissance Grow Best performance on the market! 3.4 micromoles

    / Watt. 1,100 micromoles @ 18” single quad. 1,500 micromoles @ 18” multi-quad. ⅓ the heat of HPS. ½ the heat of competing LEDs.
  6. None
  7. Delivering More Light Creates Better Crops Delivering more light than

    any other commercial grade LED grow light without harming the plants. HPS is limited to 1400 micromoles at the plant before it begins harm. FLS - delivering 1800+ micromoles and cannabis loves it. - 26% more cannabinoids, - 32% more terpenes is a good start. Expect to deliver 2000+ micromoles and deliver a higher grade of product.
  8. Lab Tested vs HPS More Yield & More A bud.

    25% more Cannabinoids. 32% more Terpenes. Less leaf. 59 grams / sq. ft. 1.2 grams / Watt ( 2.6 lb / kW ).
  9. The Market Global grow light market $2.7 billion (2020). Projected

    $7.6 billion by 2026. Cannabis farming legal in Canada. 33 states legalized commercial farming. 4,000 licensed growers on west coast alone. Several states mandating LEDs. CA 2023 LED mandate.
  10. Challenges Wary growers are disappointed with LED lights. - None

    beat HPS. Until now! Up front expense - HPS lower purchase price - higher operation costs
  11. Economics Operating Savings per fixture per year vs HPS. Total

    savings vs HPS $1,400/yr. Input power 60% less $750/yr. Cooling 60% less $150/yr. Maintenance 100% less $500/yr.
  12. Competition FLS Fluence Spydr Fohse a3i Cost ($) $3,200 $1,100

    $3,500 Power (kW) 1.6 0.6 1.5 PPF (μMol / s) 5440 1700 4800 Efficiency (μMol / W) 3.4 2.7 3.4 Spectrum Tunable fixed fixed Footprint (ft) 4 x 5 6 x 6 4 x 4 Intensity (μMol / m2) 1800 550 1600
  13. The Best Choice (a) More Light - Less Heat. Increased

    capacity - more revenue per square foot. Lab Proven - 59 grams square foot. The Future - 120+ grams square foot.
  14. The Best Choice (b) Working with more light than ever

    possible delivers a unique plant. Every plant needs to be grown under this light to determine the effects of more light. Cannabis loves it.
  15. The Best Choice (c) More Light delivers unique data sets

    never seen from every plant on earth. Client only data will be collected and exclusively shared to assure data and quality advantage into the next century.
  16. Target Clients Growers (Licensed, Home Grows). Investors. Engineers / Lighting

  17. Grower Integrate Lighting System (75%). Grow Partner Agreement (Rev Share)

    (25%). Grow Room Under License (Grower). Grow Team (FLS) and Grow Lights (FLS). Exclusive Light Studies (Spectrum Control). Exclusive Product / Seed Generation.
  18. Investor (Same as Grower) Integrate Lighting Systems. Grow Partner Agreement

    (Rev Share) (25%). Grow Room Under License (Grower). Grow Team (FLS) and Grow Lights (FLS). Exclusive Light Studies (Spectrum Control). Exclusive Product / Seed Generation.
  19. Engineer / Grow Designer Integrate Lighting Systems into architectural design:

    Green House. Grow Rooms of all sizes and types. Become World Leading Light for Lab Testing. Making More Light available compared to all others without harming the plants).
  20. Obvious Difference See It: The brightest room you have ever

    entered, UL approved for humans and plants. Feel it: More dense A Buds. Smell it: More terpene aroma profiles waft the room obviously more than HPS. Taste It: More terpenes delivers a bold sweet profile of most breeds. It’s Obvious more light delivers more robust crops.
  21. Video Links CannaLife - Grow V2 2021 - Time Lapse

    Video Business Development - Bryan Long in OR at (541) 233-8492. Engineering/Admin - Dave Flegel in WA (206) 579-6141. Engineering/CEO - Wayne Bliesner in WA (425) 273-4232.