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Graduate Route in the UK for International Students

Graduate Route in the UK for International Students

The UK government announced its decision to launch the new Graduate Immigration Route by summer 2021, so how does this scheme benefits international students?


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July 31, 2021


  1. The New Graduate Route in the UK

  2. Contents Understanding Graduate Route 01 Eligibility Requirements 02 Impacts of

    Remote Learning 03 What About Dependants? 04 Works Under Graduate Route 05 © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021
  3. We Create Quality Professional PPT Presentation The New Graduate Route

    What are the changes? © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021
  4. How Does it Benefit You? The UK government announced its

    decision to launch the novel Graduate Route for international students from the summer of 2021. The scheme previously referred to as post-study work (PSW) allows foreign students who complete a course in the UK, to stay and work in the country for 2 years after completing the same. Students who complete course at Bachelors level or higher will get 2 years of post-study work (PSW) in the UK. Those who complete PhD in the UK gets an additional year of PSW, making it a total of 3 years. The graduate route expects to go live by 1 July 2021, which is the earliest date on which you can submit a visa application under this programme. Your student visa must be valid (not expired) as on 1 July 2021 in order for you to proceed with visa application under the Graduate Immigration Route. © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021 Application The Graduate route will require a new visa application, which will only be possible from inside the UK. A payment of a visa fee of £700 and the Immigration Health Surcharge at the full rate of £624 per year will be applicable.
  5.  Through the new Graduate route, the UK government aims

    to retain the brightest and the best international students to continue to contribute to society and the economy after their studies in the country. FACTS TO CONSIDER The Novel Graduate Route was initially announced 11 September 2019, followed by the release of a fact sheet on 14 October the same year. The UK home office emphasises that it will be implemented by April 2021 or later as the country is implementing a whole new migration system, which came into existence from January 2021. © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021
  6. We Create Quality Professional PPT Presentation Eligibility Requirements Do you

    qualify for post-study work under the Graduate Route? © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021
  7. Which Students Can Apply? The applicant needs to possess a

    UK student visa or Tier-4 UK student visa which expires on or after 1 July 2021. 01 The applicant must complete a course at the undergraduate level or higher using the said student visa in the UK. The university needs to notify UKVI that the student has completed the course successfully, before the initiation of the application process. You must not have been granted a visa under the Graduate Immigration Route previously. 02 03 04 © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021
  8. Which Students Can Apply? The applicant must have spent at

    least 12 months in the UK studying the course if the course duration is more than 12 months.* You should have spent the entire course duration in the UK itself if the course span is less than12 months.* The applicant should have the proper permission from their financial sponsor (in applicable cases). 05 06 07 *impact of online and remote learning is discussed in upcoming sections. UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) as well as the UK government stipulates the criteria. Students are advised to check UK government website for latest updates. © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021
  9. We Create Quality Professional PPT Presentation Impact of Online Learning

    The pandemic lead to remote learning, how does it affect PSW? © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021
  10. Case no. 2 Case no. 1 You need to enter

    the UK on or before 21 June 2021: In this case, you can proceed with a visa application under the Graduate Immigration Route. But, the course must have started in 2020, its duration should be 12 months or less, and you should not have travelled to the UK yet to study the specified course under which you were granted the student visa. You need to return to the UK on or before the end date of your course: In this scenario, to be eligible for the Graduate Immigration Route, the course should have started in 2021, the duration must be 12 months or less. Also, you should have travelled to the UK and started studying your course using the issued student visa but later left the UK and studied remotely due to the pandemic. . © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021
  11. Will there be a maintenance requirement? You have to come

    back to the UK before your student visa or Tier 4 visa expires: In this case, your course duration should exceed 12 months and you pursued the course remotely between 24 January 2020 and 27 September 2021, due to the coronavirus pandemic. You need to make sure that you return to the UK before your student visa expires. You should have spent at least 12 months studying in the UK. Additionally, the sum of the time you have spent in the UK studying your course (with a student visa or Tier 4 visa) and remote learning outside the UK (between 24 January 2020 and 27 September 2021) during your student visa period must be 12 months or more. Case no. 3 As per the current stipulations, the Home Office has not specified any maintenance requirements, however such a change cannot be completely ruled out. Further if you are fully-funded by a government or an international scholarship agency, you need the consent of the sponsor to stay in the UK after your studies. © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021
  12. We Create Quality Professional PPT Presentation What About Dependants? Can

    They Stay in the UK With You? © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021
  13. About Your Partner and/or Children The current guidelines specifies that

    those dependants who are already in UK with the Tier-4 student can reside in the UK during the stay-back period after the course. Children born in the UK on your most recent UK student visa also qualify for dependant status. However, those who received sponsorship from a Government or International Scholarship Agency 12 months prior to the visa application must obtain a letter of consent from the sponsor in order for them to stay in the UK whilst on the Graduate Route. © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021
  14. We Create Quality Professional PPT Presentation Working Under Graduate Route

    What type of work is permitted? © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021
  15. What You Can & Cannot Do? You will be permitted

    to do any type of work during the stay- back period after the course except as a professional sportsperson or coach. Self-employment is also allowed. You can later switch to a skilled worker visa (Tier-2) under the points-based migration system, subject to the satisfaction of required criteria. You cannot claim public funds or pursue a course at an institution that has Student Sponsor Status, where the study level matches that of a student visa. The Home Office has also implied that the route could be closed if participants choose for low-skilled jobs, so we recommend that you select a skilled-category job, according to your qualifications. © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021
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