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Six Irrefutable Reasons Why Students Choose UK to Study Abroad

Six Irrefutable Reasons Why Students Choose UK to Study Abroad

The UK remains a top choice for students aspiring to study abroad. The country offers world-class education standards and research opportunities, revered and recognised globally. What are the six irrefutable reasons why students choose to study in the UK?


AHZ Associates

August 14, 2021


  1. 6 Irrefutable Reasons Why Students Choose UK to Study Abroad

  2. The Reasons Reputed Education System 01 Multicultural & Tolerant Society

    02 Variety of Course Choice 03 Extravagant Student Life 04 Shorter Duration Courses 05 Career Opportunities & PSW 06 © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021 2
  3. Reputed Education System © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021 3

  4. The United Kingdom prides itself in a rich history of

    education excellence. Leading universities like the Oxford and Cambridge were established almost 800 years ago! Further, QS survey reports that London, the capital city as the best student city in the world. UK universities consistently rank higher in tables like the Times Higher Education university rankings or the Guardian University Guide. Nearly a fifth of the leading 50 universities in the world are in the UK (QS World University Rankings 2020). A Global Education Hotspot © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021 4
  5. The Numbers The UK continues to be the preferred choice

    of international students who wish to study abroad. What does the student numbers tell us? 19.6% of the student population in the UK comprises of international students and is expected to increase in the coming years. UUKi research reports that 90% of international students expressed satisfaction with their experience in the country. Popular course choices include Biological Sciences, Business Studies , Arts and Design, Engineering and Technology. Students from China, India, USA, Hong Kong and Malaysia constittute a major portion of the foreign student community. © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021 5
  6. Course Choice & Duration © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021 6

  7. A Variety Of Course S t r e a m

    s Your Choice According to UCAS (University and College Admission Services), the UK offers more than 50,000 courses across 25 broad subject specialisations. So, no matter your choice - Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Arts, Business, Humanities or anything else, you will always find a course that you need, in this country. The course categories can be broadly classified into six: Foundation courses, undergraduate (bachelor’s), pre- master’s, postgraduate (master’s), research-level degrees and distance learning. © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021 7
  8. GRADUATE QUICKER 1-year master’s UK offers postgraduate courses that can

    be completed in just 1 year, allowing you to save time and money. A typical PG course in the USA or Canada takes 2 years for completion. 3-year bachelor’s Undergraduate courses in the UK usually lasts only 3 years, but in the US you might need 4 years to complete a course at the same level. So, the odds clearly favour the UK. © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021 8
  9. A Welcoming Society © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021 9

  10. To put it eloquently, the British society can be considered

    as melting pot of various cultures and ethnicities. The international student community in the UK is diverse, and you will find students from all over the world in the country. Research conducted by Populas reports a significant improvement in the attitude of the society towards migration as well as non-natives. The report says, and we quote “that Britons are more economically secure, and less anxious about identity change.” The same facts hold when it comes to religious freedom and the society has progressed itself towards a modern secularist viewpoint. An Amalgamation of Cultures © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021 10
  11. Extravagant Student Life © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021 11

  12. The Study-Life Balance The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) states

    names UK as the second most popular study abroad destination for international students. Most of this is attributed to the UK’s welcoming and tolerant culture. With numerous student bodies, unions and art clubs, universities offer numerous extracurricular options for enrolled students. The country also organises famous music festivals (like Glastonbury) as well as global sporting events and championships. An outdoorsy student never run out of options in the UK, when it comes to places to visit. From Lake District and the Yorkshire moors to the amazing hills and Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, student life in the UK offers an experience of a lifetime. © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021 12
  13. Career & Post- Study Work © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021

  14. Bolster Your Career UK universities, colleges and higher education institutes

    follow practice-based learning methodologies over bookish spoon feeding. Most universities run a career development or placement cell in order to assist students in preparing for the workplace as well as to find potential employment opportunities. UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) regulations allow international students to work up to 20 hours per week part-time during the semester. You can work full time during the semester break. This means you will be able to meet some living expenses yourself and also gain valuable work experience and enhances your CV. © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021 14
  15. Understanding PSW • Work at any skill level in the

    UK during the stay-back period • PhD candidates are allowed a stay-back of three years. This is seen as an initiative by the UK government to bolster its STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) sector. The Benefits of PSW The novel Graduate Route states that international students who successfully complete their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the UK will be eligible for 2 years of post-study work visa (PSW, also known as “stay-back”). • Pursuing a course related to a job that is specified in the shortage occupation list allows you to take advantage of the points-based migration system introduced in the UK. © AH&Z Associates Ltd. 2021 15
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