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The 10 Best Cities to Study Abroad in the UK

The 10 Best Cities to Study Abroad in the UK

There are many cities around the UK to study abroad. Here are 10 of the best cities for Study abroad in the UK. Visit for information.


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November 20, 2021



  2. 10 Best Cities to Study in the UK Studying abroad

    is one of the proven ways to grow, enhance one’s learning, and gain some wonderful real-life experiences. Education and teaching in the United Kingdom are globally acceptable. Every year a large number of foreign students fly to the UK for higher studies from their home countries. The UK is not only famous for its educational institutions but also for its old heritage and tradition, environment, multicultural atmosphere, standard of living, etc. The multiple UK universities are situated in different cities in the UK. It is highly important to choose the right city along with the right university for studying overseas. There are many factors to consider when deciding where to live and study in the UK. For example, the cost of living, the quality of the university, and the variety of entertainment and nightlife. We’ll count down the 10 highest-ranked student cities in the UK. The top 10 cities in the UK for international students are: 2
  3. 1. London London is the capital of England and one

    of the most famous and vibrant cities of England. Also, London is a city for those who want to keep multiple options. It can be either what work to do, a place to go or a restaurant to visit. Also, as London is a multicultural city, people have a lot of options for visiting restaurants. Although London is one of the most expensive cities in England, the high amount of wages helps to keep a balance. Moreover, the city is also considered one of the safest British cities. London is also a fashion capital along with its rich culture and history. The public transport system in London is highly organized especially the tube rail. Moreover, for London day trips, the citizens will have numerous options. 3
  4. 2. Edinburgh Edinburgh is a charismatic city and a spectacular

    place to live in both for the locals and international students. This is the capital of Scotland and a small and friendly Scottish city with a lot of outstanding attractions. As Edinburgh is a compact city, it is very easy to get around without a car. You’ll find shops, parks, and city attractions within a few minutes wherever you live in Edinburgh. The city has tons of job opportunities for locals, newcomers, and international students. Edinburgh is also known for its festivals and literature. During the time of Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the city is flooded with tourists. The capital is also known as the birthplace of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter. Furthermore. According to the University of Edinburgh, international students need approximately £8500- £11000 as their accommodation costs in the city. 4
  5. 3. Manchester According to the Global Live Liability Survey, Manchester

    consistently ranks as the most livable city in the UK. The city contributes a lot to both British and global culture. The city can stand toe to toe with any other major European city when it comes to the variety and quality of bars and restaurants in Manchester. It is well known that living in North England is much cheaper and affordable than in the Southside of England. The city is an international go-to destination for arts and theater lovers. Moreover, cinema, art, comedy, live music, dance all are flourishing in Manchester. Also, there’s a huge option for students’ accommodation in the region. In the megacity, the Great Manchester and the city center are easy places to get to and navigate around. 5
  6. 4. Glasgow Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and

    the fourth largest city in the United Kingdom. International students will discover that life in Glasgow combines big-city living with friendly locals, fun activities. Glasgow is the home of four renowned Scottish universities. The University of Glasgow is one of the popular and top-notch universities in the world. Most areas of this city are covered by some form of public transport. Glasgow is the only city in Scotland that has underground subway network. The city not only offers excellent living facilities but also kept it at an affordable price compared to the other big cities in the UK. 6
  7. 5. Coventry Coventry is a sparkling city with affordable housing

    and a sufficient amount of employment opportunities. Also, Coventry is the best place for those who want to study in the IT and Engineering sectors or are already working. Coventry is known as a student city in England. The city is only one hour from London by train and 20 minutes from Birmingham. As a student, you have a lot to do in Coventry. Such as, if you’re into music, sports, art, and fashion, and the city center campus put you right at the heart of the action. The city is also highly rich in culture. It hosts festivals and other large events such as moto fest, food festivals, a Christmas market, etc. Luckily, the house rent in Coventry is pretty affordable. Students need to remember that the University of Warwick is in the center of the city. So, students may find themselves living around student digs. 7
  8. 6. Nottingham Nottingham is famous to the international citizens for

    its links to the fabled Robin Hood. The city is an affluent metropolis and is the 6th largest city and its economy is the 7th largest in the UK. The city is also the home of two major British universities and a large number of locals and students live here. Nottingham is situated in the center of England, right on the motorway with easy access to the rail network and an international airport. The house rent is quite affordable here compared to the other megacities inside the British territory. The people of this city can have the urban facilities and enjoy some countryside view because of its geographical location. 8
  9. 7. Birmingham Birmingham is a city of 1.1 million people.

    The city has a lot of things to offer to its residents, from globally recognized educational facilities to a thriving shopping sector, to extensive theater facilities, museums, and galleries and a booming cultural scene. Moreover, the city is home to two professional football teams. In addition, because of its location, Birmingham is a major transport hub on the motorway, rail, and canal network. The city also offers a buzzing nightlife to its residents and foreign nationals especially the students who live in the city. Furthermore, whether it is a traditional pub or a modern bar, the view from the 25th floor of the Cube, or chilling beside the regenerated canals, the city offers something for everyone. 9
  10. 8. Aberdeen The city is the third-largest in Scotland and

    the home to around 2,15,000 people. The foreign students will discover a welcoming feel after entering to this city. The city also ensures that residents are met with a charming familiarity. The city is also particularly diverse with a wide range of local restaurants and activities ensures that locals have the access to a varied range of pursuits. In the Summer season, the temperatures of this city reach 20°C. The city attracts a large number of tourists in this season. In Aberdeen, you’ll get the opportunity of both climbing or a relaxing stroll along the coast. Most importantly, the city offers a family-friendly environment that helps international students to start their lives. 10
  11. 9. Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle is certainly one of the

    best cities to live in, both across the UK and the world. The city offers its citizens excellent amenities as well as a truly unique feeling of belonging. Also, to live in Newcastle means to live in the capital of the North East of England. It means the city is a great place to explore, shop in, eat-in, and live among. The international students will discover this city as a mixture of industrial heritage, Georgian architecture, and the British modern touch. Furthermore, the city has a compact city center that is easy and safe to explore. Additionally, football is the most popular game in this city. Newcastle United Fans are recognized for their passion for football and match day is a big event for the city. The public transport system in Newcastle is highly organized. The Tyne and Wear metro rail system are one of the best ways to roam around the city. 11
  12. 10. Brighton Brighton is a city full of love and

    happiness. The first of the UK’s new entries in the best student cities in the United Kingdom. Also, Brighton is a vibrant and inclusive city with a large student population (more than 11 percent of the total population). Brighton’s seafront is the ideal place to soak up the sun in the summer. Moreover, you’ll find cafes, bars, nightclubs, proms as well as beach and water sports. The city hosts England’s biggest arts festival throughout the month of May. Brighton festival features theatre's, music, arts, and visual media The college and university are also inclusive place where different perspectives meet. Whatever international students study, the city will encourage them to curious and help them put what they learn into practice while developing their employability skills. On the edge of the country, the students will feel at the center of everything. 12
  13. 13 In the end, foreign students have a lot more

    reasons to pick the UK for their higher studies destination along with the above causes. So, if you have the opportunity to study one of the above cities in the UK, grab the opportunity because it is definitely a worthy decision
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