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AI inside Company Profile

AI inside Company Profile

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AI inside

June 17, 2021


  1. ©AI inside Inc. AI inside Inc. September 2021

  2. ©AI inside Inc. 41 01 About the company 1 About

    the business 2 Future policy 3 About the organization 4
  3. ©AI inside Inc. 41 02 1 About the company

  4. ©AI inside Inc. 41 03 About the company 1 Company

    Info AI inside Inc. Shibuya Dai-ichiseimei Bldg. 4F, 3-8-12 Shibuya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan August 3, 2015 129 (as of the end of June 2021) Taku Toguchi 1,260 million yen International Standard ISO / IEC27001 Information Security Management System International Standard ISO9001 Quality Management System / Privacy Mark Development and provision of artificial intelligence and related information services Executives, (in alphabetical order) AXA Life Insurance Company, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited, Dai Nippon Printing Company, Limited, University of Tokyo Edge Capital, Japan Post Capital Co. Company name Location Establishment Number of employees CEO Capital Accreditations Business Main shareholders
  5. ©AI inside Inc. 41 04 About the company 1 Mission

    & Vision Mission To bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society
  6. ©AI inside Inc. 41 05 About the company 1 Vision

    AI inside X AI is able to render its own judgments through repeated learning, to resolve issues in the same manner as people. We are developing services that provide more AI, more quickly and at lower cost, for a society in which AI is embedded in all manner of people and things (= X). Mission & Vision
  7. ©AI inside Inc. 41 06 About the company 1 The

    reason why we do it ( in our mission and vision ) AI is not something special, everyone can use AI as a tool. ( build / use ) We want to realize such a society where anyone can use AI.
  8. ©AI inside Inc. 41 07 About the company 1 All

    requirements are rare and valuable, which makes it costly and time consuming. The requirements to develop AI Highly skilled AI researchers and data scientists Big data G P U AI Development Steps Data Collection Training Preparation Development Training Model Assessment System Integration Issues to be solved
  9. ©AI inside Inc. 41 08 About the company 1 Issues

    to be solved If we don’t create a reliable, easy, quick, and low-priced AI a future society powered by AI will remain distant. AI Development Steps Data Collection Training Preparation Development Training Model Assessment System Integration
  10. ©AI inside Inc. 41 09 About the company 1 AI

    inside Services Data Collection Training Dataset Creation Architecture Classification Training Assessment AI inside Learning Center AI inside Cloud AI inside Cube Development AI Development Steps Data Collection Training Preparation Development Training Model Assessment System Integration Service for Issue Solving Anyone can build AI that's affordable, quick, and high quality. Anyone can use AI that's affordable, quick, and high quality.
  11. ©AI inside Inc. 41 10 About the company 1 Service

    for Issue Solving Learning Center a system that allows you to create AI with the click of a mouse, without any programming knowledge, covering all the steps in AI development, from data management to the automatic generation and distribution of AI. Anyone can build AI that's affordable, quick, and high quality.
  12. ©AI inside Inc. 41 11 About the company 1 Just

    making it easy to create AI will not make it more popular. We need to increase the number of people who use it. First of all We need to make people aware of the usefulness of this system. Service for Issue Solving
  13. ©AI inside Inc. 41 12 About the company 1 Anyone

    can use AI that's affordable, quick, and high quality. AI platform for productivity improvement to accelerate digital transformation DX Suite So we developed this system using.... Service for Issue Solving
  14. ©AI inside Inc. 41 13 2 About the business

  15. ©AI inside Inc. 41 14 About the business 2 DX

    Suite AI platform for productivity improvement to accelerate digital transformation Instantly digitize various documents
  16. ©AI inside Inc. 41 15 About the business 2 DX

    Suite Intelligent OCR Basic Product Highly precise text recognition, including handwriting, printed, scanned, and photographic types Using AI engine to sort different types of documents Our AI engine reads, identifies, and extracts subjects from semi-structured documents Elastic Sorter Optional Multi Form Optional Shibuya Dai-ichiseimei Bldg. 4F, 3-8-12 Shibuya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-3-24 Invoice Receipt Receipt
  17. ©AI inside Inc. 41 16 About the business 2 Installation

  18. AI-OCR with ©AI inside Inc. 41 17 About the business

    2 In order to sell our products widely, we are promoting a sales partner strategy. Sales partners O E M partners Product cooperation partners 102 ※All service names appearing on this site are trademarks or registered trademarks of AI inside. Sales Partner
  19. ©AI inside Inc. 41 18 About the business 2 ❶

    Reading of two-line folded addresses Shibuya Dai-ichiseimei Bldg. 4F, 3-8-12 Shibuya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ❷ Auto-completion of "4" outside the column Intelligent OCR Highly accurate recognition rates 1-3-24
  20. ©AI inside Inc. 41 19 About the business 2 Shibuya

    Chuo Maihama Urayasu-shi, Chiba Intelligent OCR Highly accurate recognition rates ❸ Skipping corrections (correction stamps and black circles)
  21. ©AI inside Inc. 41 20 About the business 2 Intelligent

    OCR Highly accurate recognition rates ❹ Automatic correction of distortion and skewness of images taken with a smartphone
  22. ©AI inside Inc. 41 21 About the business 2 Product

    Delivery 1 AI inside Cloud Exclusive data center for government Partnership with NTT Groups Standard form or text data User environment DX Suite Cloud Internet VPN Private Link 2 User environment DX Suite On-premise LAN 3 DX Suite To Local Government Bodies LGWAN※ Standard form or text data User environment in local government bodies Standard form or text data ※Intra-organizational networks of local public bodies (internal LAN)
  23. ©AI inside Inc. 41 22 About the business 2 Client

    cases Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd. Improved operational efficiency by about 70% We have achieved an operational efficiency of about 450 hours/month or about 70% in percentage terms. With the implementation of DX Suite, we were able to not only streamline our screening operations but also review and optimize the entire business process. Other forms are currently undergoing verification of their settings and accuracy and will be expanded in due course. Efficiency improvement up to 50~60% Previously, the entry verification method was used with two keypunchers entering the data separately. We are currently using AI-OCR for one of them and since then, we were able to free up one person's resources. In addition, by working with RPA, we improved the overall efficiency by 50%~60%. The grading of the written test alone use to take three to four hours alone per screening. However, this has helped to significantly reduce the time to a maximum of 15 minutes which is a big effect. Since I was able to take on other tasks during the spare time made, I was able to reduce my overtime hours during peak seasons. Decreasing of overtime hours during peak period JCB Co., Ltd. Pasona Group Inc. Realization of high effectiveness
  24. ©AI inside Inc. 41 23 About the business 2 Learning

    Center AI learning service with annotation tools to create your own AI Learning Center
  25. ©AI inside Inc. 41 24 About the business 2 Printed

    circuit board manufacturing plant Property management company Rubbish treatment plant In printed circuit board production lines Perform visual inspection for scratches and dents during production. Image recognition is applied to check the degree of scratches, cracks, rust, dirt, etc. in the visual inspection for repair decisions. Detection of dangerous/unsuitable materials at waste disposal sites Application of image recognition. Case Study of Learning Center
  26. ©AI inside Inc. 41 25 About the business 2 If

    hazardous materials such as batteries or spray cans are mixed in with your rubbish can cause fires and explosions. Workers manually collect foreign and dangerous objects. Case Study of Learning Center ; Garbage Disposal Plant
  27. ©AI inside Inc. 41 26 About the business 2 The

    annotation tool makes images of batteries, spray cans and spray cans as dangerous objects, and to detect dangerous goods in the waste flowing on the conveyor belt. Case Study of Learning Center ; Garbage Disposal Plant
  28. ©AI inside Inc. 41 27 3 Future policy

  29. ©AI inside Inc. 41 28 Future policy 3 Cyclical Synergy

    for Business We aim to provide a wide range of valuable AI services and products at lower cost. Optimization of UX 1 Learning More Data 3 More Users 2 Business Scale-up Lower Price Lower Cost Structure 5 AI Service 4 6 7 Valuable & Qualified Optimize User Experience 1 More Users, More Data 2 More Data, More Learning Models 3 Provide a higher value AI service and excellent UI/UX Design 4 Scale-up business with sustainable growth synergy 5 Realize low cost structure with larger scale of operations 6 AI inside provides affordable and valuable AI products 7
  30. ©AI inside Inc. 41 29 Future policy 3 We will

    continue to expand our services in order to accelerate the virtuous cycle and expand the number of people who use and create AI and the places where it can be used. Creating AI Software Learning Center Use the AI Software Running AI Hardware Service Expansion
  31. ©AI inside Inc. 41 30 Future policy 3 App Membership

    SaaS (Free Use) Infrastructure IaaS Learning Center App Food Tracker Multi Form App Defect Detection App FaceAuth Intelligent OCR App Dangerous Substance Detection Elastic Sorter App Housing Rent Assessment App App App Marketplace PaaS (Pay As You Use) Connect anywhere with a variety of IaaS of fering s M o re than just an API for all systems, anyone can connect AI inside Cloud, AI inside Cube, network, and others as infrastructure (IaaS) for running AI. AI inside Learning Center as a tool for anyone to create AI easily. The marketplace for users to select and use the AI and apps created by users themselves, others, or us. With the membership of DX Suite, the AI, apps, and the free usage of the services will continue to be provided with more value, and enhance user experience. AI inside Platform Strategy
  32. ©AI inside Inc. 41 31 4 About the organization (as

    of the end of June 2021)
  33. ©AI inside Inc. 41 32 About the organization 4 Number

    of employees Number of permanent employees Number of foreign employees 129 24 Gender ratio 32 68
  34. ©AI inside Inc. 41 33 About the organization 4 Age

    structure 34.7 Average Age ��’s 29.7% ��’s~ 1.1% ��’s 46.2% ��’s 23.1%
  35. ©AI inside Inc. 41 34 About the organization 4 44%

    38% 14% 4% Development Business Design Corporate Number of employees per department
  36. ©AI inside Inc. 41 35 About the organization 4 Kanto

    IT Software Health Insurance Association 2 full days off per week Influenza Covering the cost of vaccinations Rental company housing Free clothing hair style 5,000yen paid monthly Full remote OK *Work from besides home is possible with prior application English conversation sessions Health insurance Holidays Safety and Health Reduction of tax burden Working style Remote working allowa Work location Language support After 3 months of employment Paid holidays Paid leave Benefits
  37. ©AI inside Inc. 41 36 About the organization 4 Staying

    simple is difficult. Staying simple is also interesting. Innovation is born from the simple —do not forget this. Stay Simple AI inside Rules of Innovation
  38. ©AI inside Inc. 41 37 About the organization 4 Without

    users, services cannot exist. Do you see things from the user’s perspective? User First AI inside Rules of Innovation
  39. ©AI inside Inc. 41 38 About the organization 4 Each

    and every daily action affects society. Each action brings new value. No action, however small, is meaningless. Be Positive AI inside Rules of Innovation
  40. ©AI inside Inc. 41 39 About the organization 4 Imagine

    a prosperous future where AI is found everywhere and all benefit from it. We aim to be the world's leading AI platform that brings AI to all areas of life. This is no easy task, but its difficulty is what makes it meaningful and interesting. Won't you join us in creating such a future? Message
  41. ©AI inside Inc. We Are Hiring !! SEARCH AI inside