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Is flat design a trend? Or is it here to stay?

Is flat design a trend? Or is it here to stay?


Alana Foley-Keane

February 19, 2015


  1. Is flat web design just a fashion trend?

  2. What is Flat Design?

  3. None
  4. It is….  A simple 2D design  Flat on

    a single surface  No fancy embellishments  Minimalistic interface  Adaptable, and fluid in design  Bright colours and exotic typography
  5. ‘Almost’ Flat design

  6. None
  7. Flat design Skeuomorphism VS

  8. Flat design Skeumorphism VS  Simple, clean, modern, trendy 

    Open Space  Ease of Use  Easily adapted design  Simple Mobile interface  Stylesheets and loading times tend to be shorter  Content is presented in a very straight forward fashion  Efficient responsive design  Can be problematic for responsive design  Tends to rely on images rather than pure CSS  Larger files take longer to download and render in a browser  May seem dated as styles and trends change
  9. The need for Minimalist Design

  10. Experiment Time http://www.barbie.com/en-gb/games

  11. Experiment Time

  12. Experiment Time http://hive.gl/

  13. Experiment Time

  14. Experiment Time

  15. Microsoft, Windows 8

  16. Apple

  17. Google

  18. Why is flat design still here?  Users becoming more

    savvy with how the web works  The rise of mobile devices  Responsive design  Everyone's jumping on the bandwagon  It’s honest  It’s usable  It’s scalable  Time saving  High-def screens, crisper images
  19. None
  20. I believe it’s here to stay! So is flat web

    design just a fashion trend or is it here to stay?