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Optimizing the Development Experience using Docker

Optimizing the Development Experience using Docker

Lightning talk at Docker Tokyo Meetup, 16 Feb 2018.

Alessandro Baffa

February 15, 2018

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  1. Optimizing the Development Experience using Docker Feb, 16th 2018 Alessandro

    Baffa (Rakuten Magazine’s story)
  2. 2 Alessandro Baffa アレッサンドロバッファ Senior Software Engineer At Rakuten since

    June 2017 Last 8 years in France @alebaffa
  3. 3 … I’m a Docker beginner

  4. 4

  5. 5 My experience in my team with just few months

    with Docker …and where are we heading to
  6. 6

  7. 7 Development environments Coding practices What can I improve?

  8. 8 Development environments Coding practices What can I improve?

  9. 9 Development environment(s)

  10. 10 Development environment(s) Local tuning not shared with the team

  11. 11 Development environment(s)

  12. 12 Development environment(s) Countless hours spent making Oracle work Asking

    around how did they make it - locally
  13. 13 Development environment(s) Different installations for different OS Different problems

    for different developers Corporate proxy, certificate, CORS, security, etc…
  14. 14 Development environment(s) Modify static assets directly on the DEV

  15. 15 Development environments Coding practices What can I improve?

  16. 16 Coding Practices git submodules Modules not compiling standalone

  17. 17 Coding Practices Tests isolation Dependency mgm Code review

  18. 18 … to the rescue

  19. 19 Common development environments

  20. 20 Common development environments Just works Shared image + all

  21. 21 Common development environments + Productivity and happinexs improved 300%

  22. 22 Docker / Vagrant (with Docker provider) Dockerfile

  23. 23 One line. Easy local configuration $ docker run --rm

    -it -v `pwd`:/home/java/api project Only one Dockerfile No more additional files into the repository
  24. 24 Continuous Integration

  25. 25 Other useful tools

  26. 26 Achievements in just few months Cleaner build Detected unit

    tests not isolated All modules now compile Better coding practices Improving code review Improving code quality Improving knowledge sharing
  27. 27 You don’t have to be an expert

  28. 28 Find how to use Docker in your team Tons

    of documentation Awesome community
  29. 29 It takes nothing to make an impact with Docker