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DevOpsDays Paris 2013


Alexis Lê-Quôc

April 18, 2013


  1. CustomerOps DevOps <3 Customer Support Alexis Lê-Quôc (@alq) DevOpsDays Paris

  2. Alexis Lê-Quôc CTO, @datadoghq

  3. Customer Support This presentation is about

  4. Customer Support by Engineers This presentation is about

  5. How we got customers in the first place A few

    words about
  6. Monitoring as a Service

  7. ...as a SERVICE

  8. we write software we sell a service

  9. paying customers

  10. no marketing just word-of-mouth

  11. quality of product quality of support

  12. “customers” is “you”

  13. DevOps engineers supported by DevOps engineers

  14. Culture Automation Measurement Sharing DevOps is http://www.opscode.com/blog/2010/07/16/what-devops-means-to-me/

  15. Culture Automation Measurement Sharing DevOps is

  16. engineering culture == build && understand

  17. treat you, our customers like we treat ourselves

  18. answer every single question give as much insight as possible

  19. “Is the problem solved?” “Does the answer make sense?”

  20. I, customer support

  21. I learn I learn I learn

  22. becomes full-time job

  23. we, customer support

  24. every engineer customer support 1 week at a time

  25. we learn we learn we learn

  26. disruptive

  27. split roles

  28. interrupt-driven & problem-solving

  29. dev/ops/support... all engineers

  30. Culture Automation Measurement Sharing DevOps is

  31. You Web Product IRC Code help@ email API Docs in-

    product chat Public FAQ status page auto- emails twitter analytics
  32. You IRC help@ email in- product chat answering questions Web

    Product Public FAQ
  33. You Web Product auto- emails reaching out to individuals

  34. You Web Product status page twitter broadcasting

  35. You Code API Docs sharing

  36. You Web Product analytics observing

  37. our toolbox

  38. You Web Product #freenode github desk jekyll + s3 olark

    desk stashboard + gae intercom.io customer.io twitter kissmetrics
  39. reactive + proactive

  40. Culture Automation Measurement Sharing DevOps is

  41. monthly metrics

  42. New cases Quality Reopened case ratio Quality Time to 1st

    response Engagement Time to resolution Engagement 1st contact resolution % Engagement Volume per channel Productivity Impact of support on sales Sales
  43. Culture Automation Measurement Sharing DevOps is

  44. what can we improve?

  45. How can I talk to my customers? Takeaway

  46. We are hiring http://datadog.com Post Scriptum

  47. Have something to say about monitoring? http://welovemonitoring.com Post Post Scriptum