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Code In Place 2021 - Section 69 - Week 1

Code In Place 2021 - Section 69 - Week 1

Supporting slide deck as I facilitated a section discussion of the first week of the Code in Place 2021 Introduction to Computer Science program. We had 11 learners from all around the world.


Andy Atkinson

April 29, 2021


  1. Section Leader: Andy A Code In Place 2021 Section 69,

    Friday 10 AM CST US/Chicago
  2. Welcome! • Let’s create a welcoming, supportive, and collaborative learning

    environment • Let’s be mindful of just 50 minutes together, and try to give each learner an opportunity to speak • Making mistakes is ok, it’s how we learn • Learn programming by “doing” (writing code), solving challenges • Programming is difficult to learn for everyone that is getting started
  3. Introductions Me • Full Introduction on Ed in our section!

    • Learned to program at the University of Minnesota • Have worked professionally as a Software Engineer since 2006
  4. What attracted me to Code In Place? • Gain experience

    teaching. I remember learning Computer Science, and it was difficult. • International community. Programming is very International. • Curious how Stanford teaches Computer Science • Very helpful and supportive staff, resources, and guidance
  5. Icebreakers • Where are you located? • What are your

    goals in learning how to program? (Or with Code In Place?) • If you could only choose one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  6. Introductions Now you!

  7. Logistics • Ed (different Eds), collaborative workspace • ohyay •

    Cameras optional — but encouraged • Use chat and reactions! • Please mute when not speaking • Posting questions for all students or within our Section Ed allows others to benefit from the question and any answers or follow-ups
  8. Karel • https://compedu.stanford.edu/karel-reader/docs/python/en/chapter1.html • Reference

  9. HospitalKarel • Initial state (or “pre-condition”)

  10. HospitalKarel • Final state (or “post-condition” of Karel)

  11. HospitalKarel Concepts • Pre-conditions/post-conditions, match ‘em up to loop 'em

    • Control flow (for, while, if, if/else) • Decomposition into functions • Algorithm • Recipe or sequence of steps • What is pseudocode? (Kind of like Spanglish?)
  12. HospitalKarel 1. Move to a beeper 1.Oops, I ran into

    a wall 2.Oops, I went the wrong direction 2.Phew, ok we’re here at a beeper, let’s build 1.Oops I don’t know how to build a hospital 2.Oops we started building and ran into a wall 3.Phew I’m building, but some of the building process seems repetitive
  13. Open Mic 🎤 • Questions about the lectures? • Comments

    about the lectures? • Confused about terminology, acronyms or indentation? • “foo”, “bar”, iteration, syntax, conditional branching, fencepost problem, body (or “implementation”), boilerplate, triple double quotes, imposter syndrome
  14. Software Engineering Lesson 1 • Comments (single line, multi-line), intended

    for fellow human programmers • snake_case (PEP8) • Naming • Code is maintained over time by humans • Code Re-use