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Getting Started With Auctria

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April 10, 2019

Getting Started With Auctria

Learn how to get started using Auctria to ensure a stress free fundraiser



April 10, 2019

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  1. Getting Started with Auctria Planning & preparing for a stress

    free auction fundraiser
  2. About Auctria • 21,000 auctions • 1.6 million bidders •

    1.4 million items • 2.3 million bids • Over $100 million raised
  3. Agenda: Getting Started with Auctria Planning for Success 1. Navigation

    & Quick Start guides 2. Set up auction organization 3. User permissions 4. Credit card connectivity 5. Branding & logos 6. Set up website (overview) 7. News & Articles 8. Q & A
  4. Auctria Support Team Rob Auctria Founder Tracy Support Team

  5. Auctria Dashboard & Navigation

  6. Auctria Dashboard & Navigation

  7. Quick Start Guides & User Guide Access user guide and

    quick start guides by clicking on the 3 dots and this drop down menu will appear
  8. Quick Start Guides Quick Start Guides • Organization set up

    • Auction set up • Credit cards • Understanding items • Donor tickets • Website • Bidders • Setting up online auction • Training
  9. Banner Navigation: magnifying glass Searches YOUR auction data

  10. Banner Navigation: question mark Search Auctria user guide Click AGAIN

    to open user guide
  11. Banner Navigation: in-app messaging

  12. Setting up the Organization Auctria Hierarchy

  13. Setting up the Organization

  14. Branding the Auction Branding the auction • Name & logo

    • Continue the theme • Social media
  15. Logo(s) Set-Up Organization Logo Auction Logo

  16. Logo Close Up: auction specific logo Logo and image management

  17. New Email Features Automatic for New Events, Opt-in to use

    for events created prior to 4/9/19 • Bidder invitation, registration, emails, online access outbid notifications, statement • E-Ticket , statement • System emails- outbid notice, donation notice, purchase notice
  18. Credit Card Connectivity Streamline bidder registration to final payments when

    using credit card integration.
  19. Credit Card Set-Up Set-up and Usage • Connect credit card

    account • Use test & live mode • Define & charge processing fees • Register card to a bidder • Issue a credit • View & export reports/data 2 Modes Test & Live- Default is LIVE
  20. Credit Card Test & Live Modes Test mode MUST use

    test card#’s, real cards will be rejected. An example card# will be shown on the page when in test mode.
  21. Credit Fees Organization can either absorb or pass along credit

    card fees
  22. Credit Card Readers Save time by using a swiper

  23. 5 Levels of User Permissions Levels from top down •

    Admin • Power User • User • Read Only • None
  24. Dedicated Website Dedicated website for each auction • Pre Auction

    ◦ Save the date ◦ Accept donated items ◦ Pre-sale tickets • Auction ◦ Online catalog ◦ All sales ◦ All bidding (if online or mobile) • Post Auction ◦ Thank all sponsors, donors, bidders- announce next event
  25. Website Each event has a unique URL • Use template

    • Create name/address ALL WEBSITES START WITH Charityauction.bid/ SOMETHING SOMETHING is the name of YOUR AUCTION
  26. Website Template = Function

  27. Continued Reading •

  28. Auction Fundraising Articles Directly related to running an auction fundraiser,

    authored by Auctria team • Timelines & checklists • Roles & responsibilities • Finding and working with volunteers • Tips to skyrocket the auction income • Finding donations • Procurement Dos and Don’ts • Thank you letter • Post auction duties
  29. Auctria News Current events and Auctria partner expert advice- contributions

    related to all things fundraising. • Emails • Social media • In-kind donations • Post event engagement • Stories from other auction teams
  30. Auctria Mobile Bidding Apps

  31. Resources Links Auctria dashboard Quick start guides Organization set up

    User permissions Credit card set up Live and test mode Credit card swiper links Website set up Creating website (address and template) Organization logo set up Auction logo set up Social media set up Mobile bidding app
  32. Stay in Touch with Auctria Facebook @auctria Email: hello@auctria.com Pinterest

    @auctria Twitter @auctria Q & A