Talk MOOC to Me - HighEdWeb 2014 #heweb14

36a5e4e61c804d2ebe715ed7eb14658c?s=47 Audrey Romano
October 17, 2014

Talk MOOC to Me - HighEdWeb 2014 #heweb14

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are kind of a big deal, whether you believe the hype or not. Since 2013, Penn State, in partnership with Coursera, has successfully launched five courses to thousands of eager learners. Web professionals have the opportunity to help re-imagine and contribute to their institutions’ core mission surrounding alternate learning experiences and global education. In this session, the presenters will discuss MOOC development, its value to higher ed institutions and how the online educational experience can be improved in a way that provides more effective learning experiences for students. We’ll touch on topics like: How are MOOCs beneficial? How can you identify the various resources needed for creating a MOOC. Which new and emerging technologies can be leveraged in MOOC development? And if you’re already in the MOOC game, what else could you be doing to improve user experience and student success?

Megan Kohler - Pennsylvania State University
Lindsey Whissel - Pennsylvania State University
Hannah Williams - Pennsylvania State University
Audrey Romano - Pennsylvania State University


Audrey Romano

October 17, 2014