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November 19, 2019



Auth0 Japan

November 19, 2019


  1. auth0.com Auth0Day 2019 2019年11⽉19⽇ #auth0day アンケートは こちらから︕

  2. auth0.com Welcome to Auth0Day 2019

  3. auth0.com Auth0 Japan Members Jun Fujita General Manager Miki Oikawa

    Account Executive Hisashi Yamaguchi Solutions Engineer Rika Nakajima Marketing Manager Developer Advocate Engineer
  4. auth0.com Auth0 Japan Partners

  5. auth0.com Auth0 Japan Ambassadors Yuki Suwa Yo Nagao Naohiro Fujie

    Takahiro Tsuchiya
  6. auth0.com Auth0 Japan Community Leaders Yuki Suwa Atsushi Harada Takahiro

  7. auth0.com Big Thanks!

  8. auth0.com Today’s guests from HQ Gonto VP, Marketing and Growth

    Dave CRO