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November 19, 2019



Auth0 Japan

November 19, 2019


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  2. Andreas Martin andreas.martin@news.com.au Head of Consumer Technology News Corp Australia

    3.6m 500,000 6,738
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  5. Customer Experience 14 Brands Identity & Paywall eCommerce and Subscriptions

    CRM & Self Service Marketing Platforms Consumer Technology Configurable Platforms Partner with industry leaders Strong roadmap
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  7. For News Corp Australia the Identity & Paywall capabilities have

    always been closely integrated which is why it was logical to replace both at the same time Previous Identity & Paywall solution had been in place since the launch of paid content 7 years ago, built on bespoke solutions Global Strategy Alignment Legacy platforms that required heavy engineering Support for open standards (ie OIDC) Need for B2B SSO Subscriptions
  8. Out of the box implementation when possible to lower TCO

    Simplified Architecture Architecture needs to support seamless SSO across 14 sites
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  10. Customers are migrated as they log in with existing credentials

    Sessions are stored client side (browser) using JavaScript Lazy Migration Bulk Migration Client Side Server Side Migration of all customer data - but often requires customers to set a new password Server side API calls to retrieve and set session information Performance Scalable performance to cater for initial launch, lazy migration and breaking news events
  11. during deployment window from 6pm to 7am across SIT and

    UAT from start to finish logged in and were migrated in the first month - majority of our active base Near perfect customer experience ensuring customers can continue to use our services with minimal friction
  12. Minimise disruption to content access Contingency for breaking story

  13. WHO

  14. System Engineering Platform Configuration We can now test and learn

    without engineering : Personalised paywall outcomes for both anonymous and identified customers A new channel for selling corporate subscriptions
  15. Do not underestimate the change - both internal and external

    Stakeholder engagement and endorsement is critical If performance is important - plan ahead for performance testing Reporting and logging is key - both to communicate success and troubleshoot
  16. Stabile identity and paywall platforms since launch Very active test

    and learn program tuning paywall rules All 3.6m users have been migrated to Auth0 and previous platform decommissioned ACHIEVEMENTS
  17. Session Management and Apple ITP Frictionless customer SSO journey Flexibility

    of out of the box solution Protection against credential stuffing attacks OUTSTANDING CHALLENGES
  18. Andreas Martin andreas.martin@news.com.au Head of Consumer Technology News Corp Australia