Public Charter Schools in Arizona - Trivia time by Arizona Academy of Science

630ef4f686401a6afdf6bfd03dbb0f76?s=47 Grant Creech
September 25, 2014

Public Charter Schools in Arizona - Trivia time by Arizona Academy of Science

Did you know that approximately $619 billion will be spent on children's education in the US alone? Enroll your child in a public charter school with focus on science, math and technology like Arizona Academy of Science


Grant Creech

September 25, 2014



  2. Did you know that around 50 million students will be

    going to 98,000 public primary and secondary schools for the fall term of 2014. In fact, there will be approximately $619 billion spent to these children's education before the academic year ends.
  3. Since there have been quite a number of international studies

    have shown that the United States is lagging behind other countries in terms of knowledge of science and math, enrolling in an educational institution with an outstanding academic program that is centered on Science, Math, and Technology can make a truly remarkable difference in a child's educational progress and future career.
  4. About Us The Arizona Academy of Science elementary and middle

    school focus is on science and math as the basis for a strong academic program unlike any other Phoenix charter school. An Arizona charter school founded in 1998, the Arizona Academy of Science has borne out the benefits of such an approach, with most of its students passing the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (also known as the AIMS test) in a challenging and creative learning environment.
  5. Arizona Academy of Science 1875 North Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ

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