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February 02, 2022


The primary reason for using custom crating services is to ensure the safety of your goods. A team of packing experts will arrive at your home to professionally, quickly, and safely pack your belongings. They can also help with those specialty items that are difficult to come by. For more details, please visit: https://www.armstrongscientifictransport.com/our-services/custom-crating/



February 02, 2022

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  1. The Advantages of Customized Crating

  2. Personalised crating • Custom crating is an industrial packaging solution

    tailored to items that require special care. • Crates are very strong and adaptable, offering the best protection and customizability for carrying goods across vast distances. • Crates are produced using high quality materials and are assembled according to industry standards.
  3. Different crate services • Crating lets you securely transport items

    anywhere in the world. • It shields your products from weather effects, theft and tampering during transport. • Crating also ensures items are protected during loading, unloading and other activities where items are handled by workers during their shipment.
  4. Custom Crate Benefits • Personalised Item: Using Custom crates will

    ensure that your items, regardless of their shape or size, can be transported to their destination. • Perfect Safety: Your items are protected and secure during every stage of the shipment. • Effective cost: Custom crating might look pricy, but it will pay for itself as it can reduce storage costs to house your items and their durable materials make them last longer than other transportation solutions.
  5. Different Crates • Wooden crate: Heavy equipment is often stored

    in wooden crates. Wooden crates can last for a long time and are up to 6o feet long. • Reusable Crates: These crates can be easily disassembled and reassembled for reuse whenever needed.
  6. Crating solutions • Professionals prefer items that can be easily

    moved without wasting time. • Transport professionals aim to provide quality services to their customers, ensuring that items arrive quickly and in good condition to their destinations. • By working with reputable transportation professionals, you can ensure that you can take advantage of custom crating solutions catered to your unique needs.
  7. Thanks! • Many people who ship products and items require

    customized crating services. • Highly skilled experts can help you get the most out your shipment by designing custom crates according to your item's specifications. • Speak with professional craters to find out what crating requirements your items need. • A team of responsible logistics and crate professionals can work with you to ensure your shipments run smoothly and on-time.