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February 04, 2022


An important part of maintaining diabetes therapy for your cat is to monitor the glucose level. Insulin is known as the gatekeeper of cells, It'll control your cat's diabetes. For more details, please visit: https://www.petsdrugmart.ca/en/SubCategory/Cat-Medicine-7c-Pain-Meds-For-Cats-Diabetic/253



February 04, 2022

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  2. Insulin • Administering Insulin is the primary way to treat

    diabetes in cats. • It helps keep blood sugar levels stable and must be taken once or twice per day. • It also prevents excessive urination and lack of appetite. • There are currently four insulins that are commonly used in cats, as listed below.
  3. 1. Vetsulin • It helps to reduce high blood sugar

    in cats suffering from diabetes mellitus • It helps control glucose levels and lessens the symptoms of diabetes. • Vetsulin has been used all around the world for over 25 years. • It has been approved by the FDA for cats. • Vetsulin is a type of insulin that takes a while to work. It's available in a vial for use with syringes or an injection pen.
  4. 2. Humulin • Humulin is used to treat different types

    of diabetes including Ketoacidosis and Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Syndrome. • It is also known as soluble insulin and neural insulin. • This insulin is too fast acting and has a short half-life to be useful for most pets in the home.
  5. 3. PZI • Protamine Zinc Insulin is another diaebetic Insulin

    that is used for treating cats. • It helps to regulate blood sugar levels, and is great for diaebetic patients with hyperglycemia. • PZI is also used to treat dogs suffering from diabetes. • PZI insulin is a long-acting insulin that was previously only available in beef form.
  6. 4. Lantus • It is very effective and has proved

    in cats who suffer diabetics. • It comes in two forms, either in a synergie or injection pen. • It helps keep glucose levels in a narrow range. • This is a long-acting insulin.
  7. Thanks! • There’s many different kinds of insulin for cats

    that can be used for diabetic treatment • Owners can find the threats posed to their pets by monitoring their daily routine and taking note of any usual changes in habits and behavior. • Insulin is an effective medication for treating cats and dogs who suffer from different diseases or infections. • There are a wide variety of insulin medications for all kinds of pets.