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Pro Teddy Cleaning Tips

Pro Teddy Cleaning Tips

Soft Teddies are the much-needed anecdotes to our joy rides! There are so many ways in which they deliver care and love to us. Cleaning and Caring Teddies are more important to safe your kids from germs and viruses. Here are giving you idea how we can clean teddy bear at home Powered by Boo Bear Factory. Buy Giant Teddy bear in Discounted Prices https://boobearfactory.com/collections/giant-teddy-bear


Boo Bear Factory

March 11, 2021

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  1. Teddy Bear Care and Cleaning Ideas Powered by - Boo

    Bear Factory
  2. Giant Teddy Bear Soft Teddies are the much-needed anecdotes to

    our joy rides! There are so many ways in which they deliver care and love to us. Not only are they” the guardian angels” to our toddlers but are equally important for the adults and oldies; giving them a chance to enjoy the amusing child-like experience while they’re lost in the evanescence of human life. The delight and magic teddies spell on kids is so much so that they want to hold their presence at every single moment but as the days, months, and years pass, our boo-boos might wear and tear. And it’s the mothers who are on pins and needles about those molds and dust mites on their kiddies’ best friends that can be a carrier to the germs sliding into their bodies. But mummies need not worry! The under-mentioned cares will definitely cure your ailing teddies!
  3. Washing the Furry friend ➔ Thinking of a washing machine

    right? Well, you gotta tread carefully. For an absolute luxurious cleaning of teddy bears, machine washes are not advisable. Just imagine the poor thing hitting and spinning the sides of the barrels. Is the play buddy worth this pain? But still, if the tag on your teddy says that it’s machine-wash-safe and for some genuine reason you have to wash it that way then do that by keeping it in a mesh bag or a pillow cover. Make sure the cover’s color is white! Not all teddies are okay with the machine spinning so checking the merchandise tag is a must before taking this step.
  4. Washing the Furry friend ➔ The ultimate option for teddy

    cleaning is to clean them after 15 -20 days with a damp cloth. Again make sure that the color is white. You’ll be able to see the dirt coming out of your teddy’s body and at the same time need not worry about the change in its color. For drying the wetness, you can use a hairdryer on a cooling mode. Be gentle!
  5. Washing the Furry friend ➔ Vacuum cleaning is another miraculous

    mantra to clean them! Cover the end of the upholstery nozzle with some very thin cotton, silk, or linen cloth, a gauze basically, and with a minimum suction speed rid him from the germs!
  6. Washing the Furry friend ➔ Baking Soda and Vinegar is

    a nice affordable DIY for a teddy wash. Soak him in a bucket full of water, add both the ingredients in it, and after 10 mins hand wash. For drying, be mindful! Squeeze the water slowly out of each body part. No turning and twisting. It’s going to be a patience test! After this either use the hairdryer idea as mentioned above or you can put it in a plastic bag and dry it in the laundry air drying rack. If you can spare a day then keep it somewhere where sun rays do not come directly over the toy. The sensation of warmness will dry but that takes many hours. After this even up the furs with a soft comb. And he’s ready to rock!
  7. Removing the odor ➔ To be done only after bathing

    or proper cleaning of your teddy. ➔ Baking Powder Or Baking Soda and Cornstarch powder will do the deed. ➔ Take a big bag of plastic, put the teddy and the above two in it, and wrap it tightly. ➔ Give it a good shaking so that the powder gets fully absorbed into his furs. You can groove on to some beats as this will also take some time. Following this, take out the soft bear and let it sit for 4-5 hours at least. ➔ Use a soft brush and set the teddy ready!
  8. Cautions ALERT Teddies are soft and delicate things and thus

    precautions and utmost caring are important than efforts for cleaning them. You can create many ways to maintain their hygiene but most importantly, never forget to love them! Following the instructions on your teddy-tag is something that you cannot ignore. Oh, Mama! What a bliss it to see them coming out all neat and fluffy, bringing back your children to smiles!
  9. Giant Teddy Bear Our Soft Bears hold everything that adds

    to the beautiful feeling of fun and companionship! Bringing them back to life is a necessity! Now that you know how to treat those sorry-looking bears, why would you want to give away with such adorable things of affection? Holding onto this belief to spread delightfulness to the world amidst the Covid-19 tragedy, the boobearfactory.com produces the huggable stuff boys with utmost love and affection so that they’re always there to lend us the shoulder and smile to keep sailing this storm. Truly, an abundance of fine teddies to choose from, and in honor of celebrating February, the month of love; they’re available at exceptional discounts! Go, Get a hug saddos! Happy Teddies! Happy Snoozes! :)