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Spring Cleaning Checklist Singapore PDF

by Brad Kherry

Published October 28, 2017 in How-to & DIY

Ultimate spring cleaning checklist Singapore pdf by Eunike Living. Check out the Kitchen, Bathroom and another cleaning checklist which you can do for spring cleaning.

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This guide is also available in print and PDF format, so you don’t miss anything.

Main Spring Cleaning Checklist

► Dust Ceiling Corners: Remove The Dust From All The Corners Of Home
► Wash Doors: Wash The Door With Soap Water To Remove Dust
► Clean Windows: Clean The Windows With The Help Of Cloth
► Replace Light Bulbs: Replace Old Light Bulbs With New Led Bulbs

Spring Clean The Kitchen

► Clean The Microwave: Remove The Cable Before Clean The Microwave
► Clean And Organize The Refrigerator: You Can Clean Refrigerator With Use Of Soap Water
► Clean Stove Top Burners: It Helps To Get 100% Output From Burners
► Deep Clean The Dishwasher: Take Care of Your Hand When You Clean Dishwasher

Spring Clean The Bathrooms

Make Your Bathrooms Fresh And Clean
► Scrub Walls: Use Soap With Hot Water
► Clean Shower Head: Clean All The Holes Of Shower Head
► Wash Hand/guess Towels: Wash Hand/guess Towels In Washing Machine