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Everything Eater

Everything Eater

Calahan Merten

July 10, 2024


  1. XCU upside down zoom out Medium slow zoom out of

    Ingrid at table Wide of Frank and Ingrid
  2. Low angle OTS of frank towering over Ingrid -OTS shooting

    over ingrid shoulder and then cam moves (dolly/steady cam) and then goes to frank grabbing knife -Profile Med Xu of Ingrid
  3. Med XU down shot of knife cutting Profile XU low

    angle of ingrid being fed (we can see bottom of her chin)
  4. CU of Ingrid eye Bird’s eye directly above shot down

    at Ingrid hand getting out of tape Wiggling arm until in breaks
  5. Med wide of Ingrid breaking free and bashing franks face

    on table Cut to head on of franks face
  6. Med Wide low angle ground level of ingrid crawling Bird’s

    eye viiew med. CU of Frank’s hand grabbing leg. Pan right to frank crawling
  7. Med shot of ingrid profile Low angle CU of Ingrid

    gabbing plate (not too low where we see only under table) Whip pan as she grabs plate from table to smash
  8. CU head on of frank being stabbed MS on ingrid

    (only see her kneecap up) down shot
  9. Low angle on ground zoom to left as ingrid grabs

    pantry door Buttercrumb runs over cam. Slight pan as much as we can
  10. Buttercrumb pov running to frank (maybe add bottom of dog

    nose to bottom of cam fro pov) Tracking (no zoom) Slight up shot of franks face as he yells Zoom in?
  11. Down shot from ingrid pov with knife - knife is

    in shot a little as we look down at frank Switch cut off arm Up shot tilt down as frank tries to get butter crumb off Med shot of dog looking back
  12. Level wide from frank’s perspective as he is on feet.

    Dolly towards her XCU of plug coming out of wall;
  13. Low angle med shot as frank drops knife towards camera

    Med tracking of frank going to ingrid
  14. Profile action shot punching ingrid + frank grabs mixer Down

    shot tilt down as she falls - head on reaction getting punch and then we tilt down as she falls down stove
  15. ***LEFT HAND GETS CUT NOT RIGHT*** XU of mixer going

    into scalp XXU of hair getting caught
  16. X wide of both of them Dirty OTS looking at

    frank. Slow Zoom in on frank’s face
  17. OTS of frank looking at ingrid. Slow zoom in Low

    angle med of both of them waist up as ingrid throws water Second shot - frank looks at camera
  18. Low angle of two as they both hit the ground.

    She crawls toward cam as cam leads/pulls back. Frank pulls belt off. Ingrid is screaming Profile of her crawling under table
  19. Tilt down med of Ingrid and her leg. She’s like

    oh shit look XU tilt/zoom of her leg Corner Down shot of her in hallway
  20. Med profile ground level with Ingrid as she crawls into

    living room Ingrid POV (hand) as she sees butter crumb low angle
  21. Bird’s eye view wide fixed of frank, slow zoom in

    Ground shot MCU of Frank as bottle rolls towards him
  22. Birds eye view of half of ingrid face trying to

    regain breathe Dutch low angle of frank coming
  23. Profile wide of frank stomping on Ingrid Profile of frank

    kneeling down as Buttercrumb hops into frame CU of ingrid getting face bashed in
  24. Low angle med shot of Buttercrumb coming at frank Wide

    shot as frank plugs in knife (fore,mid back)
  25. Wide of frank slicing off belly. Level with frank Med

    XU of frank waist down kneeling over ingrid as he drops knife right in front of cam
  26. Low angle med shot of ingrid in foreground as frank

    eats her Med CU of Ingrid looking over stomach . dutch OTS of stomach looking at her
  27. CU of frank eating skin. Three quarters. Rolling eyes out

    of enjoyment Profile/three quarters of frank eating and chord being tightened behind him(bc ingrid is grabbing blade OS)
  28. CU of chord tightening XCU of frank looking to right

    as he notice ingrid is up to something
  29. CU pf ingrid hand with knife plunging knife at franks

    hand High angle Med OTS of Frank looking at ingrid as she stabs him
  30. Wide shot of frank and ingrid. Leveled with ingrid. Ingrid

    gets kicked in face and looks to cam after she gets kicked Cu of ingrid in foreground puking blood as frank in background lunges at her
  31. Wide shot of both of them coming at each other.

    Slightly low angle to see bottom of chins Cu of knife going in
  32. MS OTS of Ingrid ripping out his guts. Guts fly

    off and towards cam Birds eye view of her ripping guts out. Pan down and tilt to left to show franks hand going limp (shot 1a + shot 1B)
  33. WS of outside of house Shot outside of house as

    ingrid comes out. Punch in from last shot . track her as she gets to garden (shot 1a + shot 1B)
  34. MCU of her in garden. Low angle to see her

    chin Cut to her hand as she touches flower(hand on side of waste)
  35. WS of ingrid and butter and start to zoom into

    guts XCU of guts. By end of shot, we are so close, just seeing colors/shapes
  36. END