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iHiD introduces me to RubyConf Portugal

A438eb5b27da0f50dc120f9bfbdd9c16?s=47 Caleb Hearth
October 16, 2014

iHiD introduces me to RubyConf Portugal


Caleb Hearth

October 16, 2014


  1. Caleb Thompson

  2. None
  3. “He has braved the wintry tundra of Alaska and the

    harsh deserts of Arizona.”
  4. “He has fired a Mosin- Nagant without blinking…

  5. …fought the Red Menace…

  6. …built Battleship Couch…

  7. …and killed a bear to wear its pelt”

  8. What a fucking badass.

  9. Please welcome…

  10. Caleb Thompson

  11. Thanks, Jeremy