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Avoiding 'banana skins'

Avoiding 'banana skins'

Learning from those 'uh oh' moments. Short talk on creating alignment across, and direction for, your digital products in small to medium sized organisations.


Calum Shepherd

June 12, 2019


  1. Avoiding banana skins Short talk on creating alignment across, and

    direction for, your digital products Calum Shepherd, Strategist & Product Manager @calumshepherd
  2. Organisations and teams, or products and services

  3. Note to self; use methods that are known to work,

    and adapt where necessary
  4. Value, Mission, Vision, Objectives, Strategy and Roadmaps

  5. Understand value

  6. Calculating ‘value’ using a single metric

  7. Value Customer Value Something which will deliver a direct benefit

    to your users, responding to a validated need identified through research User Research Visual Designer Business Value Provides value to the business, such as increasing revenue or creating higher profit margins from your current customers Senior Management Analysts Organisation Value Organisational value might not increase profit or revenue, instead it may create efficiencies within the organisation to allow you to deliver more quickly Business Architects Operational Managers
  8. Assessing early value can be done through opportunity assessments

  9. Agree a mission

  10. A good mission describes the purpose of the team, and

    helps you understand the purpose of other teams around you
  11. “Make land and property information available to everyone”

  12. Create a vision

  13. A good vision describes a target state. It’s inspirational and

    shares a glimpse of the future your product will help create
  14. “Example helps the people of Scotland to understand property prices,

    boundaries and ownership. Unlike other providers, we are the original and trusted source”
  15. “If you are working on something exciting that you really

    care about, you don’t have to be pushed - the vision pulls you” Steve Jobs
  16. Agree Objectives

  17. Good objectives can cover product, customer, operational and financial measures

  18. Objectives should be agreed together, up and down the different

    levels of the organisation, collaboratively
  19. None
  20. Set Strategy

  21. Strategy Our strategy is customer focused. We will lead an

    agile effort of the market through our use of growth and social media to build an ecosystem. By being both innovative and disruptive, our networked approach will drive learning organization throughout the organization. Synergies between our revolution and big data will enable us to capture the upside by becoming digital first in a sustainable world. These transformations combined with digital business due to our data leaders will create a competitive advantage through virtual reality and leaders.
  22. Strategy Bad Strategy - Fluff - Failure to acknowledge or

    identify any problems with a focus on solutions - Mistaking goals for strategy, e.g. grow our market (why?) - Impractical objectives that don’t address issues View Good Strategy / Bad Strategy Good Strategy - Diagnosis of the problem that the product needs to overcome - Guiding policy for dealing with the problem, with a clear approach to overcome them - Coherent actions to enable the guiding policy to be carried out, should be cordinatable steps
  23. Define a roadmap

  24. Good roadmaps should help you have conversations, and provide insight

    into what the team will be working on
  25. “Open up API access to our data to better meet

    the needs of large professional users”
  26. Roadmap Now What are the team working on at the

    moment? You’ll be more sure about these than you are anything else on your roadmap < 3 Months Next What are you going to be working on next? You’ll have begun adding detail to these initiatives through opportunity assessments (or similar) < 6 Months Future What are you hoping to do outside of this window, things you know you are going to have to get to within the next 12 months? < 12 Months
  27. None
  28. Thank you Calum Shepherd Strategist & Product Manager Creating better

    products and services with customers @calumshepherd hello@caskdigital.com calumshepherd.com