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Be digital, your customers are

Be digital, your customers are

Inbound marketing pointers for local businesses at the Scottish Borders Tourism Conference, helping to increase their exposure across search and social. http://blog.calumshep.com/scottish-borders-conference-13/


Calum Shepherd

December 17, 2013


  1. Be digital, your customers are Calum Shepherd, November 2013

  2. The action plan for tourism in the Scottish Borders

  3. Marketing is a method for communicating the value of a

    product or service to customers
  4. Clever marketing is getting other people to do this for

  5. Which brings us to social proof... A psychological phenomenon where

    people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation
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  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltaUpq_26Us

  8. The focus should be on getting found, improving engagement and

    then converting customers
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  10. Step #1 Getting found

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  12. Focus on quality over quantity. It is better to do

    fewer things well than lots of things badly • Research the most popular social platforms for your audience • Prioritise and populate these profiles • Maintain a clean website as a hub for your business Discover influencers who follow you and establish relationships • Participate in communities on Google+ • Join groups on Facebook • Create circles on Google+ • Create lists on Twitter
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  14. Utilise your website to improve the visibility of social profiles

    • Link to social profiles • Provide ability to share content on social • Integrate social feeds Highlight profiles within print material Begin to think mobile • Research devices people use to access your website • When investing in refreshes, go with responsive design • Social platforms are already mobile first e.g. Vine
  15. Step #2 Engage and nurture

  16. Creating content can be tough, so you might want to

    think about how you can seek inspiration from others • Use hashtags / keyword searches • Create lists to group regular sharers • Tap into content shared with you, on your page • RSS feeds for popular websites • Trending topics
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  18. When you are creating unique content, ensuring it is topical,

    fresh and interesting • Visuals and videos work well • Ask questions • Create polls • Provide the ability to vote • Make things fun • Share content other people create Think about how you can create a connection and give people a reason to engage
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqWig2WARb0

  20. Explore opportunities to get involved in topical news events •

    Join in discussions • Create visuals and get creative Avoid controversy unless you know what you are doing (see below)
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  22. Step #3 Convert

  23. Help people feel comfortable by introducing trust indicators on your

    website • Highlight content other people viewed • Be clear about payment methods and use payment logos • Provide quotes from customers • Partner with well known brands • Provide case studies Make some small tweaks to your calls to action • Consistent terminology • Consistent look and feel • Consistent behaviour / interaction
  24. Trust Indicators Casestudies

  25. When asking people to complete forms, think about the user

    journey • Balance length with detail • Seamless journey from start to finish • Calls to action to help progression • Breaking thing up can make them clearer View optimisation tips on e-consultancy Provide routes back in on your final landing page • Ability to share activity to social • Links to related content • Links to your social profiles • Sign up for your newsletter
  26. Don’t forget to measure, as it will help identify future

    improvements • Introduce basic Google Analytics • Introduce KPIs that help you measure success • Capture learnings and identify actions regularly Keep talking, keep asking questions and keep improving
  27. Thank you @calumshepherd