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Introduction to Scotland's Land Information Service

Introduction to Scotland's Land Information Service

An introduction to Scotland's Land Information Service, presented at Euro Geographics, Prague 2018


Calum Shepherd

October 09, 2018


  1. Introduction Scotland’s Land Information Service Calum Shepherd (Service Owner) Kenny

    Crawford (Director)
  2. “for Scotland to become of the easiest countries in the

    world in which to find information on land and its ownership and to transact and register property” Improve the ability for the public to access and understand our information Transition our business customers across from our legacy service
  3. User Needs Helping us create things for our users Research

    Journeys Testing
  4. Transparency Transparency helps ensure we deliver the right things for

    users Roadmap Feedback
  5. User centric teams who organise around products, not projects Fund

    products, not projects Enduring Teams
  6. Avoid the big interventions and help people trust you HIPPOs

  7. Helps you to make regular changes, based upon data Get

    things out there early Collect feedback Change Build, Measure, Learn
  8. What could possibly go wrong? =) https://scotlis.ros.gov.uk/ Service Demo

  9. // Registers of Scotland 9

  10. None