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Kanban in Scottish Government

Kanban in Scottish Government

How Kanban practices have helped us respond to four key challenges within the www.mygov.scot programme. These slides are supported by a blog post on http://blog.calumshep.com/


Calum Shepherd

October 08, 2015


  1. Kanban in the Scottish Government How Kanban practices have helped

    us respond to four key challenges within mygov.scot @jose_casal – jose.casal@actineo.xyz @calumshepherd – calum.shepherd@gov.scot
  2. None
  3. Information spread across 160+ organisations ...over 480+ websites

  4. 6 million content items on main websites alone We have

    more content items than people
  5. Visualise Limit WIP Manage flow Make process policies explicit Implement

    feedback loops Improve collaboratively, evolve experimentally
  6. WARNING These were our responses to our challenges and in

    our context Don’t just copy them, *please* tailor your own
  7. Our programme’s reputation was compromised due to early promises and

    ambition #1
  8. The challenge of digital transformation isn’t one of technology, instead

    it is one that requires a focus on people and culture
  9. Avoided the temptation to change everything at once

  10. We let people know that it is OK not to

    have all the answers Proactively supported experimentation
  11. We were not delivering at a pace that would support

    our short-term ambitions, instead blinded by our end- goals #2
  12. 100-day drives Short, focused tactical delivery aligned to our roadmap

  13. Reorganising into vertical teams to dissolve silos and enable on-demand

  14. Moved the programme swiftly through beta and live product iterations,

    helping provide clarity to others on our maturity and progress
  15. We struggled with conflicting prioritisation and strong views from influential

    members of our senior team #3
  16. Improved planning and visibility through the introduction of a roadmap,

    horizon board and combined delivery board
  17. Began to deliver value early and often

  18. Morale was suffering within the teams and we were lacking

    opportunities for true innovation #4
  19. Empowered people to deliver against our ambitions

  20. Re-introduced regular retrospectives and reignited our product demos

  21. Re-introduced Hackathons for the team to explore new ideas and

  22. Content colleagues arranged a content rally, which led to… co-design

  23. So, have the changes all been worthwhile?

  24. 40+ releases in 200 days compared to 2 releases in

    8 months
  25. We have more productive relationships with public sector subject matter

  26. An increase in the transparency of our planning, clearer short

    term delivery and improved morale
  27. Thank you. @jose_casal / linkedin.com/jcasal @calumshepherd / blog.calumshep.com @mygovscot /