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Putting users at the heart of your digital strategy

2cb9893c7a015a667920ab8d08de369b?s=47 Calum Shepherd
November 20, 2014

Putting users at the heart of your digital strategy

We're changing the way we think about how we deliver information about public services. Slides are from a digital centric industry talk "What's next in digital transformation", hosted by Digitas LBi. http://blog.calumshep.com/putting-users-at-the-heart-digital-strategy/


Calum Shepherd

November 20, 2014


  1. Putting users at the heart of your digital strategy What’s

    next in digital transformation, hosted by Digitas LBi @calumshepherd
  2. Wait. You’re joining Government?

  3. Revolution not evolution - a report by Martha Lane Fox,

  4. Scotland’s Digital Future: Delivery of Public Services, 2012

  5. Change is now global. 18F are driving innovation in the

    US and the digital transformation office doing the same in Australia
  6. Information spread across 160+ organisations and over 480+ websites

  7. 6 million content items

  8. 31 million links to the Scottish public sector

  9. Current workstreams and Building a product, mygov. scot, as a

    central access point for public services Embarking on a programme of transformation within the public sector
  10. The place for people in Scotland to access public services

    that are easy to find and simple to use mygov.scot vision
  11. Objectives Rationalise volume of content made available by the Scottish

    public sector Bridge organisational boundaries for more meaningful user journeys Remove the need of the citizen to understand Government Reduce complexity in publishing and delivering information https://alpha.mygov.scot/
  12. Start with services Services are provided by Government to citizens

    The definition varies depending upon the organisation Collaborating with organisations to better understand services
  13. Understand user needs Understanding the need a citizen has that

    is met by Government Talking to real users (e.g. carers) and to customer service teams Researching offline materials Measuring search demand and trends Reviewing web analytics
  14. Respond to user needs “We’re in the business of meeting

    user needs, not creating content” Needs can be met through a range of content formats Current UK formats Include decision trees, tools, smart answers and more straight forward answers and guides
  15. Meet user needs It’s important to understand how well we

    have met a user’s need Analytics helps us understand what people are doing User research helps us to understand what people are trying to do We have two quiet booths for citizens to use when undertaking scenarios Observation room is setup for user researchers and wider team It’s a team sport – teams suggest areas of research
  16. Assessing quality of the solution

  17. Knitting it all together Original understanding within the UK was

    that needs should be met as efficiently as possible through a single content item Research for care and health showing that journeys across multiple content items becomes more likely
  18. Example concept user journey Concept journey spanning health, local authorities

    and Scottish Government
  19. Remember, data trumps intuition Web data from GOV.UK helped us

    validate our approach to knit together user journeys
  20. None
  21. Being open and transparent Individuals blog about their experiences and

    progress We take turns managing social and contributing Collaborative effort to create digital guidance We’re making incremental releases publicly available
  22. We’re also assisting others through transformational change, increasing uptake of

    digital services and utilisation of digital channels
  23. 1. Start with services 2. Understand user needs 3. Respond

    to user needs 4. Meet user needs 5. Assess the quality of our solution 6. Knit it all together Empowerment ≠ directio
  24. Thank you. @calumshepherd / @mygovscot blog.calumshep.com / inside.mygov.scot