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Angular for Enterprise

Angular for Enterprise

Why Angular the go-to Framework for Enterprise Application


Jecelyn Yeen

November 30, 2018


  1. Angular for Enterprise Maintainable, Scalable, Performance

  2. Challenges of building Enterprise Software

  3. Reliability & Stability

  4. Reliability & Stability - Google internally have 400+ applications using

    Angular - Pre-release tests for free - Before release new version of Angular, Google will first test on their applications make sure it works - Angular is open source (link), all codes & issues reported are transparent - Predictable versioning & releases (link) - Semantic release: major.minor.patch - A major release every 6 months - 1-3 minor releases for each major release - A patch release almost every week - Built-in protection for common web vulnerabilities (link) - Update guide & CLI command for update Angular application
  5. Structure

  6. Structure - Angular CLI to create projects, generate different blueprints(components,

    services) - Provide standard project skeleton - Workspace concept(link) - Test setup - unit test, end-end - Dev server & build command ready - Angular styleguide (lint) and built-in linting - Nx from nrwl.io - an open source toolkit for enterprise Angular applications - Dependency injection - Out of the box solution - routing, http client, forms, polyfills, css preprocessor
  7. Robustness

  8. Robustness - Typescript - Static typing, no more fragile execution

    - Linting - eliminate possible errors before commits - Angular Language Service (vscode extensions) - report errors during editing
  9. Scalability

  10. Scalability: Team - Hiring & training - How fast to

    get a junior (fresh) productive? - How fast to get a programmer to be productive? - Full stack development - Can backend developers leverage their skills in frontend? - Resources available - videos, stackoverflow, community
  11. Scalability: Application - Resources available - open source libraries -

    Enterprise grade (paid): Telerik, DevExtreme - Components & Design systems: PrimeNg, Material UI, Nebula, Clarity, ngx-bootstrap, ngx-admin - State management - NgRx, NgXs, Akita, MobX - Plugins - Firebase, Auth0, Angular CDK - Learn once, use everywhere - Ionic (Hybrid) - NativeScript (Native) - NestJs (Backend) - Lazy loading built in - Built-in Optimization
  12. “We build our computer (systems) the way we build our

    cities. Over time, without a plan, on top of ruins.” - Ellen Ullman
  13. “It’s never on how difficult is to write bad code,

    it’s on how easy is to write good code.”
  14. They choose Angular. https://www.madewithangular.com/categories/angular

  15. Thank You. Q & A.