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Have Fun with Angular

1a73ecdb082f212bf8d81eb9a3a53e29?s=47 Jecelyn Yeen
September 07, 2019

Have Fun with Angular

Introduction on Angular and why you should learn it.


Jecelyn Yeen

September 07, 2019


  1. Jecelyn Yeen GDE Web Technologies / Angular @JecelynYeen Have Fun

    with Angular
  2. Half screen photo slide if text is necessary @JecelynYeen Software

    Architect Google Developer Expert (GDE) - Angular, Web Tech Organizer - NG-MY 2019, Women Who Code KL
  3. None
  4. End Chart Data Source Info

  5. End Chart Data Source Info Learn once, use everywhere!

  6. Website Mobile Desktop Angular can make...

  7. https://youtu.be/imaTBx4jbwY

  8. Who is using Angular? https://www.madewithangular.com

  9. Getting Started in Angular Lazy? (1 step) Not Lazy? (3

  10. End Chart Data Source Info Demo Time

  11. Lazy https://stackblitz.com/

  12. Not Lazy 1. Install Nodejs 2. Install Angular CLI 3.

    Create new Angular project
  13. End Chart Data Source Info BONGGA! LIBRE!!!!! BET KO TO!

    (I love free stuff!)
  14. Use Angular for…. Corporate Startup Community Fun! Hackathon FYP

  15. https://ng-my.org https://youtu.be/6l779_V4LV8 Community

  16. https://link.medium.com/b46WhbrILZ Community

  17. Hackathon

  18. https://ng-poly-game.netlify.com/ Fun!

  19. https://rxjs-trex.netlify.com/ Fun!

  20. Fun!

  21. https://ng-poly-game.netlify.com/ Corporate

  22. Pair Angular with... UI Templates - ngx-admin UI & Styles

    - Bootstrap, Angular Material, Clarity, PrimeNG Firebase - Angular Fire Grid - ag-grid Charts - ng2-charts Translations - ngx-translate, transloco https://angular.io/resources
  23. Why? Open source - View source code in Github Maintain

    by Google - Updates Ecosystems & Communities Easy to get started Build your career on it (go deep)
  24. Where to learn? Newsletters (http://cur.ng-newsletter.com/) Official tutorials (https://angular.io/start) Online training

    (paid) - Pluralsight, Egghead, Ultimate Angular Online training (free) - Youtube Blogs, Twitter, Books
  25. Getting Help Google! Stack Overflow (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/angular) Conferences (https://angularconferences.com/) Meetups (https://www.meetup.com/topics/angularjs/)

    Facebook Groups (search “Angular” country/city) Gitter Chat (https://gitter.im/angular/angular)
  26. “Be lazy. Learn once and use everywhere. Learn Angular. :)”

    - Jecelyn Yeen
  27. Thank You! Jecelyn Yeen GDE - Web Technologies / Angular

  28. None
  29. None
  30. “Building community is fun & challenging. Find your people, making

    decision (or mistakes), learn & grow together.” - Jecelyn Yeen