A synthesis of restoration in California relevant to the San Joaquin Valley

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August 07, 2019

A synthesis of restoration in California relevant to the San Joaquin Valley

A proposed book chapter with the following key elements.

Describe landscape of opportunity ecologically and politically in brief for California.

Introduce and develop scientific synthesis as a mechanism to both aggregate evidence and to inform decision making.

Review previous relevant syntheses on topics associated with restoration of deforested and agricultural lands (a total of 31 published to date).

Apply synthesis techniques to this evidence for the explicit goal of identifying key levers for the San Joaquin Valley

Explore implications.



August 07, 2019


  1. 2.

    primary goal is to derive lessons from scientific syntheses 

    (not the primary literature) on restoration for California with specificity to this region Lortie but would like to invite Filazzola & Miguel
  2. 5.

    Part 1. Compile synthesis evidence from former review & meta-analyses

    Generate quantitative estimates of key levers & summarize 
 qualitative findings Explore alternative forms of evidence and synthesize Describe patterns across studies
  3. 6.

    Part 2. Explore target San Joaquin Valley studies that have

    extracted data Compile and present findings
  4. 7.
  5. 8.

    a. Team and network science for region b. Move from

    surveys to manipulation c. List of key contexts to consider d. How to enable focused and more useful research for decisioning and for reuse within region.