The synthesis science of meetings

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September 21, 2019

The synthesis science of meetings

Big-picture synthesis science was defined here as meta-analyses, reviews, and systematic reviews on the science of meetings. However, indirect synthesis science studies on problem-solving and creativity research were also scraped and analyzed provided they addressed ‘team’ collaboration or synonyms for meetings.

Exclusion rules
Studies that do not report any quantitive meeasures were exluced from the synthesis.
Studies that examined related phenomenon but did not reference meeetings were excluded.

Inclusion rules
Studies that examined meetings, creativity, and problem solving in the context of joint term interactions and interventions were examined and parsed for evidence.

There is consolidated synthesis science for meetings that can be used to develop structured designs for enhanced functional capacity for meetings.

An exploration of the scientific research landscape from the perspective of peer-reviewed evidence published in journals.

All worked listed on GitHub.



September 21, 2019