Trends in data & digital scholarship services

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August 26, 2019

Trends in data & digital scholarship services

Digital scholarship is the use of digital evidence, methods of inquiry, research, publication and preservation to achieve academic and research goals. Digital scholarship encompasses both scholarly communication using digital media and research on digital media (Jana Remy).

The following is a a brief exploration of the research associated with digital scholarship derived from The Web of Science (‘digital scholarship’ as topic search term, no refines, on Aug 24, 2019).

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Digital scholarship is a relatively new domain of research with momentum.
This field of research is clearly interdisciplinary.
The research themes explore relevant and pressing issues with social interactions online and social data.
These practices and work are intimately linked to libraries.
Semantics aside, there are clearly societal and research challenges that incorporate concerns associated with the transformation of scholarship to digital domains.



August 26, 2019