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Dating and Dental Work (second rough)

A80576be14d8d17e176d1e1f1a1323ca?s=47 Clarisa Berrios
August 17, 2021

Dating and Dental Work (second rough)

tweaked some things


Clarisa Berrios

August 17, 2021


  1. Dating and Dental Work Duration: 00:01:05:23 Date: August 17 2021

  2. None
  3. Dialog Sally: Okay!

  4. Dialog S: Are you ready for your cleaning?

  5. Dialog Patient: err..

  6. Dialog P: sure?

  7. None
  8. Dialog Megan: Hey Sally.

  9. None
  10. Dialog S: Oh! What's up Meg!

  11. Dialog S: How did your date go last night?

  12. Dialog M: Not so great...

  13. Dialog I'm still trying to process it.

  14. Dialog Do you want to talk about it?

  15. Dialog Yea...sure...

  16. Dialog M: So

  17. Dialog M: we met up for dinner last night, right?

  18. Dialog S: Is this the guy obsessed with Japanese mobile

  19. Dialog M: No no,

  20. Dialog M: it was the ex-juggalo.

  21. Dialog M: so the date starts out okay.

  22. Dialog This is third time we've seen each other.

  23. Dialog M: Now that i'm thinking about it...

  24. Dialog M: I wasn't really into him

  25. Dialog M: I guess I was just bored

  26. None
  27. Dialog M: Everything was going fine...

  28. None
  29. Dialog M: And then he pulled out this sketch book

  30. Dialog M: and it was this drawing of me as

    a meme?
  31. None
  32. Dialog S: That's...interesting.

  33. None
  34. None
  35. Dialog S: please stop struggling.

  36. Dialog M: And THEN he started talk about his ex...

  37. Dialog "She almost stabbed me with a steak knife!"

  38. None
  39. Dialog P: GAAAAAHH

  40. None
  41. Dialog S: Oh!

  42. Dialog M: Whoah!

  43. Dialog M: Someone's gonna slip on that.

  44. Dialog M: Anyway. The date's not going well at this

  45. Dialog M: I've already made up my mind to stop

    talking to him after this
  46. Dialog M: But I'm enjoying my steak, So I thought

    I could grin and bear it
  47. Dialog M: Oh! but then! Get this...

  48. Dialog M: He said "The doctors prescribed me a pill

  49. Dialog " 12 inches is illegal"

  50. None
  51. Dialog P: Please tell me you left after that

  52. Dialog M: Yea...I didn't even wait for the check.

  53. Dialog M: ...or for my leftovers to be packed.

  54. Dialog M: I'm just so tired of dating.

  55. Dialog S: Why don't you give it a break?

  56. Dialog S: it seems more trouble than it's worth ya

  57. Dialog M: I guess...

  58. Dialog M: I don't want to be lonely

  59. Dialog S: Look. you and I could have some fun!

  60. Dialog S: Night out in town, get some drinks, play

    ping pong at that one bar?
  61. Dialog M: That does sound nice!

  62. Dialog S: Yay! I'm so excited

  63. Dialog M: Let's meet up at your place after work!

  64. Dialog S: Okay! So you have four cavities, wanna get

    them filled?
  65. Dialog M: AH

  66. Dialog I'm leaving.

  67. Dialog S: That's fair