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Don't Be the Last to Know Workshop

by Claire Lew

Published March 30, 2017 in Business

Introducing the "Don't Be the Last to Know" Workshop, presented by Claire Lew, the CEO of Know Your Company (http://knowyourcompany.com). In this hands-on, in-depth workshop, we give you the playbook on how to not be “the last to know” in your company — it's something we’ve never shared before completely end-to-end.

This workshop was held March 30, 2017 at Basecamp HQ in Chicago.


If you're curious to learn more about how to not be the last to know in your company, come take a look at our software Know Your Company (http://knowyourcompany.com). We help almost 300 business owners and 15,000 employees in 15+ countries uncover blindspots and not be the last to know: http://knowyourcompany.com.