The Most Surprising Employee Insights

The Most Surprising Employee Insights

This talk was given June 22nd, 2017 for – the video is here:



We're thrilled to have Claire Lew join us for the newest installment of the live expert series.

We've long been fans of Claire, but when we read her 9 questions post we knew we had to have her take us on a deeper dive. This is an unprecedented look into 3yrs of data across 15,000 employees and the questions that can unlock the highest impact insights. If you have employees or manage a team you won't want to miss this session.

Claire is the CEO of Know Your Company, a spin off of Basecamp, that helps founders, owners, and CEOs get to know their companies better and overcome company growing pains. She's a prolific writer on the Signal v. Noise blog and speaks internationally on how people can communicate more openly and honestly in the workplace, so they can build happier, more productive companies. She has also been published in Harvard Business Review, Business Insider, and Fortune, among others.

In this 1-hour live session, Claire has prepared a presentation exclusively for our community that takes a deep dive into her post "The 9 questions that uncover the most surprising insights from employees."


Claire Lew

June 29, 2017