The Things Unsaid (Peers Conf)

C35e01544a0dd94a2cf1619ee8a42ebb?s=47 Claire Lew
April 15, 2016

The Things Unsaid (Peers Conf)

After working with 200+ companies in over 15 different countries, Claire Lew has observed one key trend: the things unsaid in your company are what hurt it the most. In this talk, Claire shares the three things you can do as a CEO, manager, or employee to uncover what’s unsaid in your company and create an open, honest company culture.


I was honored to give this talk at Peers Conf in St. Petersburg, FL:

Here are the citations of some of the research....

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Claire Lew

April 15, 2016


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    When’s the last time you wanted to say something at

    work… but felt like you couldn’t?
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  14. 31.

    Managers who give little to no feedback to employees result

    in 4 out of 10 workers being actively disengaged. (2009 Gallup study of over 1,000 US based employees)
  15. 32.

    For each disengaged employee, a company loses $3,400 - $10,000

    in salary due to decreased productivity. (2009 Gallup study of over 1,000 US based employees)
  16. 33.
  17. 34.

    of people would today consider finding a new job. 74%

    (2013 study by Harris Interactive)
  18. 35.

    The most actively engaged workers (54%) give the highest agreement

    rating to this statement: “I feel I can approach my manager with any type of question.” (2015 Gallup Employee Engagement Survey)
  19. 36.

    Experts estimate that replacing an employee costs a business 150%

    (2013 Inc Article) of an employee’s salary.
  20. 38.

    (2010 survey of 2,600+ across industries) Employees directly intervene in

    only about 2 of 5 unsafe actions and conditions that they observe in the workplace.
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  23. 42.

    1.8X Futility is more powerful than fear as an obstacle

    to feedback. (2010 Harvard Business Review article)
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  26. 55.

    “How’s it going? Anything we can improve on?” “I’ve been

    wrestling with some big- picture stuff about how the company could get better, and would love your help with it. What’s one thing in the past week we could’ve done better?” “Hmm, well the other day, I had to sit down with our new hires to remind them what our focus was. So maybe we’re not as clear about our vision as a company as we should be. I’m just concerned that they’re not spending the best use of their time, and we’re more inefficient than we should be.” “Things are pretty good. Nothing I can think of really.”
  27. 57.

    “If someone asked you to describe the vision of the

    company, would a clear answer immediately come to mind?” 1
  28. 59.

    “Have you ever been afraid to suggest an idea at

    work because you thought someone might shoot it down?” 3
  29. 66.