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January 01, 2022


Commmune Intro deck for Recruiting


Commmune Inc.

January 01, 2022

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  1. Bringing customers and companies together. Commmune Inc. 1 Company Information

  2. Hello, 2

  3. Our Goals 3 Customer Success Employee Success Stakeholder Success Employee

    Success Are employees' OS upgraded by working at Commmune? Can employees fulfil their career goals by working at Commmune? Customer Success Does Commmune contribute to the client's business growth? Does Commmune offer value to the client's end-users? Stakeholder Success Does Commmune contribute to creating an ideal society?
  4. Customer Success: An Accumulation of “Win-Win-Win” 4 We embrace the

    spirit of “Win-Win-Win”, an idea that business should benefit all people, and ultimately the society at large. We work together with companies to provide the best community experience for our users. Making users happy will increase profit for the companies making them happy. By making the companies happy, they will continue to choose Commmune, and that will make us happy. Users, companies and Commmune - it’s crucial that our business benefit and makes all of us happy; ultimately, our sales are how much we are able to accumulate the “Win- Win-Win” in our society.
  5. Employee Success: Vehicle for Accomplishing Lifelong Career Goals 5 From

    an employee’s perspective, a company is a vehicle for achieving their career. Your personal aspirations may be to become a sales representative, become an entrepreneur, brush up on specific skills, or get a healthy work-life balance. Whatever that may be, we believe that it is important for us to be chosen, and to continue to be chosen, by people with all kinds of aspirations. Commmune aims to be a Deliberately Developmental Organization. Our role is to provide an environment for the employees where they can achieve their personal growth (not just specific skills.) We will continue to do our best to ensure that our team members can look back on their days at Commmune and remember it as one of the highlights of their lifelong careers.
  6. Stakeholder Success: Making a Change in Our Society 6 Companies

    have the responsibility to make society a better place. How the companies present themselves and how much they can contribute, not just through their service, but outside of their service is very important. At Commmune, we clearly state our social contributions outside of our service in our quarterly OKR. For example, we offer organ donor leave for our employees to help more recipients in need, and make donations to tackle period poverty for gender equality and empowerment of women.
  7. Contents A b o u t Us A b o

    u t o u r B u s i n e s s A b o u t o u r O rga n i zat i o n H ow W e W o r k 7
  8. 8 Our Goals Company Profile Vision Mission Value About Us

  9. Commmune Inc. May 10th, 2018 (Tokyo HQ) 4-31-18-2F Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku,

    Tokyo, Japan (US HQ) 55 E 3rd Avenue San Mateo, California 94401 Customer Success Community SaaS, “Commmune” $25M DNX, UBV, ZVC, JAFCO 9
  10. Our Story - No. of Employees and Key Events 10

    18/12 19/3 18/9 18/6 18/3 19/6 19/9 19/12 20/3 20/6 20/9 20/12 21/6 21/9 21/3 0 10 20 30 40 50 Sunset Supplement Business Launched commmune (JP ver.) Hired 1st Employee Seed Round Moved to Gotanda Series A Moved to Fudomae Series B Selected as one of Japan's “CLOUD 20 Rising Stars”
  11. 11 18/12 19/3 18/9 18/6 18/3 19/6 19/9 19/12 20/3

    20/6 20/9 20/12 21/6 21/9 21/3 0 10 20 30 40 50 Until Nov. 2018 - Office in Koishikawa ƒ Started a supplement business however we later experienced a pivotS ƒ The office was a two-story building; The office was on 1F, while Yuya and Shota lived on 2F.f ƒ Launched commmune βver. Our Story - No. of Employees and Key Events
  12. 12 18/12 19/3 18/9 18/6 18/3 19/6 19/9 19/12 20/3

    20/6 20/9 20/12 21/6 21/9 21/3 0 10 20 30 40 50 Our Story - No. of Employees and Key Events Dec. 2018 to Oct. 2019 - Office in Daikanyama g Moved to Shibuya for an easier access to the corporatesy g Distinction between office/personal space was again very vague. Yamamoto-san woke us up every morning coming into the officey g Back then, we held interviews for recruitment at the nearest Starbucks (as there was not enough space in the office!)
  13. 13 18/12 19/3 18/9 18/6 18/3 19/6 19/9 19/12 20/3

    20/6 20/9 20/12 21/6 21/9 21/3 0 10 20 30 40 50 Our Story - No. of Employees and Key Events Nov. 2019 to May 2021 - Office in Gotanda h After a Seed Round, we moved into a new office (where no one lived in for the first time.s h 40 ft², which felt like ample space at first, soon got crowded with new employeesx h Hit 30 employees.
  14. 14 18/12 19/3 18/9 18/6 18/3 19/6 19/9 19/12 20/3

    20/6 20/9 20/12 21/6 21/9 21/3 0 10 20 30 40 50 Our Story - No. of Employees and Key Events June 2021 until now - Office in Fudomae h Great location; 3 mins from Fudomae St., and 10 mins from Gotanda St† h Secured 5 times the space compared to our previous office to catch up with our rapid growth.– h We have 10+ meeting rooms for our online meetings.– h We plan to stay here until 2022 Spring (Tentative.)
  15. Bring Customers and Companies together Bet on achieving “how it

    should be” 15 Vision & Mission
  16. Our Goals: Where Every Company Sees Lifetime Value as the

    Most Important Metric 16 By using Commmune, companies can scale customer success and effectively improve LTV through the co-creation of the communities with the customers. But our goal goes beyond that. We aim to create a world where LTV is the most important metric for every company. For example, most salespersons would choose Customer A expected to spend $10k per month, over Customer B expected to spend $5k per month; this is because a salesperson would only get evaluated for their sales per month and not how long a customer will continue to use their service/product. But what if Customer A ended their contract in just a year, and Customer B after 3 years? Customer B would contribute 1.5 times the profit to the company. It probably also means that your service is working well for Client B and there’s a high chance that the transaction has intrinsic value. We want to create a world where salespersons and companies who truly helps the clients gets evaluated and earn more mid/ long-term profit.
  17. Positioning Strategy 17 Communication before purchase Communication after purchase Purchase

    Consideration Salesforce Awareness We aim to be the de-facto standard of customer success communication. u Maximize LTVe u Personalized CRM
  18. Our Core Values (i) Super-Essentialism: Keep Questioning, “Why Are We

    Doing This?” We have a culture where we believe that accomplishments speak for themselves. We emphasize efficiency and productivity upon delivering those accomplishments, and here are the reasons whyS Q When you do not accomplish anything, you're not generating zero value, but in fact, lost opportunities make it a minus.’ Q Also, we want our team members to cherish their personal lives as well and spend time with their families. So we constantly ask ourselves, “Why do we do this task?” and “What is the essential value?” in order to focus on our actual goals and get a maximized accomplishment. 18
  19. 19 Our Core Values (ii) Team Commmune: Confront each other.

    Have each other’s backs. Because Commmune is a Deliberately Developmental Organization, you will be required to update your OS (operating system.) Upon doing so, it’s important that you have the power to confront yourself and others (based on psychological safety) and that you have each other’s backs when facing external partners. Like a professional football team, healthy conflict occurs if they all share one mutual goal to win but their roles and personal goals are different. In such case, we encourage our employees to focus on overcoming the conflict to maximize accomplishments as a company. (Don’t hold back, hesitate trying to please someone else, or stay within your comfort zone.)
  20. 20 The Reason We Do This Customer Success Problems How

    Commmune Can Solve Your Problems What Makes Commmune Special Commmune’s Growth Our Customers About the Business
  21. Scale your Customer Success with an all-in-one community platform. Easily

    integrate all interactions and personalize community experience with no-code and data-driven automation. 21
  22. The Reason We Do This Marketing/Sales Customer Success P u

    r c h a s e E n s u r e t h a t y o u r c u s t o m e r s a c h i e v e t h e i r d e s i r e d o u t c o m e u s i n g y o u r p r o d u c t / s e r v i c e . C o n s i d e r a t i o n Improving LTV through Customer Success has become critical for everyone (not limited to SaaS) A w a r e n e s s Becoming an important growth-driver for every business (not limited to SaaS) due too ¢ An increase of subscription-based service“ ¢ Users gaining influence on media 22
  23. Problem A perfect Customer Success approach did not exist yet.

    “High value but does not scale” vs “Limited value but comprehensive.” 23 Low Small Large High Calls/Personal E-Mails Meetings Consulting High value but labor intensive = Only available for high R/U. Accessible to a broad range of users, but cannot provide personalized experience. Helpdesk 1:N Seminar Newsletter Revenue/User High Touch High Touch Low Touch Low Touch # of Users
  24.  All communication at one plac  Interactive communicatio 

    Data-driven personalization 7 Multiple channel) 7 One-way communicatio@ 7 Not data-driven Before How Commmune Can Solve Your Problems With Commmune, you can integrate, personalize, and communicate interactively on a larger scale. 24 Q&A Training Event Management E-Mail Marketing Community Forums Knowledge-Based After Helpdesk Contact Center Official Website Event Management Tool Data Storage Newsletter, etc.
  25. Features All interactions in one place Store contents in one

    place Data driven personalization u Users only have to go to one place to do everythingf u Better accessibility maximizes the value of every content. No more need to explain the same things over and over again. Provide a "Tech Touch" experience that feels just like a "High Touch." Comprehensive customer view on admin. dashboard. Automated UX customization. *to be AI-powered soon. 25
  26. Why commmune? 26 No-Code Analytics Our Customer Success Experts Unbelievably

    easy to customize! Get personalized content without coding. The admin. dashboard allows you to analyse and manage what to share with your users give out as incentives. Our experienced Customer Success team is dedicated to your success! No-code, all-in-one, and personalized based on data.
  27. 27 Our Customers We are the most chosen Customer Success

    SaaS in Japan (BtoB and BtoC,) including many leading brands.
  28. 11 35 What Makes Working at Commmune Rewarding (Part 1)

    Photo by Amirionna Dillard on Unsplash The massive market Big social importance “The best view comes after the hardest climb” s The market for Customer Success/LTV improvement is huge with endless possibilities˜ s Every company with users are our potential customer˜ s $2 Trillion-market, just within Japan s s We are redefining the relationship between company and users˜ s Companies that can really provide users value will grow and succeed. s The challenges we face are difficult to tackle. We are opening up an unexplored area, trying to create a textbook by ourselves. However, the feeling of overcoming those challenges are, needless to say, rewarding.
  29. 11 35 What Makes Working at Commmune Rewarding (Part 2)

    Photo by Mark Basarab on Unsplash We are not an any “version” of an existing service. We create and lead the market ouselves. Hence a difficult challenge but the potential upside is huge. ™ Customer Success/Community is a globally growing market where competition is incredibly intense. ™ We must create and lead the way. Imitating other companies will not work‹ ™ Our potential market is global, and the possibilities are endless.
  30. 30 Organization Chart Leaders Organization Meet Our People About the

  31. Leaders Yu ya Ta k a d a S h

    ota H a s h i m ot o A k i h i r o Ya m a m ot o Tokyo University BA. Founded D2C supplement brand in Japan, after experience as a consultant manager (based in Tokyo, Shanghai, and L.A.) University of Tokyo BA. 4 Years of experience in Product Marketing at Google Japan and Google HQ (Mountain View.) University of Tokyo BA. 4 Years of experience in software engineering at Cygames (a leading mobile game developer in Japan.) Co-Founder Chief Executive Officer Head of US Co-Founder Chief Product Officer Head of Japan Chief Technology Officer 31
  32. Organization Chart Inside Sales Design Server-Side Field Sales QA SRE

    Marketing PdM PMM Front-End Customer Success Data Science Public Relations Strategy & Ops. Human Resource Corporate Business Product Production New Business US Office 32 In our development division, we assign work based on tasks where the front/server sides are not separated. At the same time, we have teams gathered based on their expertise for better communication purposes.
  33. Team Commmune Customer Success Internship Outsource Full-Time Employees (55 people)

    (34 people) (1 person) Business
 (Except CS) PdM/PMM/QA/ Data Science Corporate/ HR/PR Design Jobs Forms of Employment Development 33
  34. 37 Meet Our People Why I decided to Join Commmune

    Inc. What I like about Commmune Inc. Whilst I was a contractor at Commmune before becoming a full-time employee, I witnessed the company/product's rapid growth and the accurate decisions made by the three executives. I wanted to work with such talented people and ride the boat called Commmune to see the view that lies ahead. I think that our “flexibility to change" is our strength. During Covid-19, we were the first companies to switch from working in the office to working remotely. To promote working remotely, we conducted a monthly/weekly 1-on-1 to increase interaction between our members (an initiative that started with one of the member's suggestions.) I think we have qualities that are unique to start-ups like being quick in making actions. For example, we’re not afraid to change and when we see an opportunity to try something (with no damage) we just do it. Atsunori Kuriyama Server-Side Acting Manager
  35. 38 Meet Our People What I like about Commmune Inc.

    Working as an Engineer at Commmune Inc. To those who are considering of joining Commmune Inc. The three executives have the perfect balance of "the ability to picture a dream and convey that to the audience", "the drive to make it real", and "the technical skills to support them". This company is powerful! The transparency of the company's decision-making process and the active communication between members make it possible for me to work remotely without having to feel lonely. I follow our value “super-essentialism,” and take time to question myself if I am on the right track and not only focusing on trying to improve my skills. I believe that Commune is in a phase where our team's performance directly affects the growth of the business. If you are an engineer who wants to feel that you are contributing to the business up close, we are looking forward to your entry! Jun Kawaoka SRE
  36. 39 Meet Our People Sota Takahara Customer Success Division CSM

    Team Manager What is interesting about commmune Inc.’s business? What makes commmune Inc.'s customer success unique? Our vision is "Create a society where we bring customers and companies together." To be able to aim for that world with passioin is an exciting aspect of our company. I am excited to work hoping to create a world where companies vs users, and users vs users, can communicate interactively through an integrated channel, and the content itself becomes a stock asset. As a BtoBtoX cloud-based customer portal, Commmune is unique in its ability to help optimize the experience and success of both our clients and end-users. At the same time, as a CS, you will be challenged not only by your ability to solve problems but also by the wide range of knowledge and skills required, including community/project management, marketing and UI/ UX. Moreover, it will be a valuable experience to work closely with the product team and get involved daily in product planning in an unexplored area where there are no conquerors yet.
  37. 41 B e n e fi ts O u r

    Va l u e s o n O rga n i zat i o n s O u r Cu l t u re B a s i c I n fo r m at i o n S a l a r i e s O u r Va l u e s o n S a l a r i e s O u r Va l u e s o n B e n e fi ts Eva l u at i o n S y ste m H o w W e W o r k
  38. Basic Information 42 “ N e w - n o

    r m a l ” b e n e fi t ( 1 5 , 0 0 0 y e n / $ 1 5 0 p e r m o n t h ) F u l l y r e m o t e w o r k L e a v e s : C o d o l e n ce l e a v e , s i c k l e a v e ( f o r y o u r s e l f, a n d y o u r f a m i l y i n c l u d i n g p e t s . ) 2 D a y s o ff e v e r y w e e k F l e x S y st e m P u b l i c h o l i d a y s , s u m m e r/e n d o f y e a r v a c a t i o n s 5 Pa i d h o l i d a y s p r o v i d e d a f t e r j o i n i n g t h e co m p a n y
  39. Benefits For your working environment For communication For your skills

    For health/child support Books reimbursement Health checkup/flu injection Opportunities to attend seminars, and get license (case by case) Sick leave (for you and your family including pets) Childbirth allowance (100,000yen, no limitation on how it’s spent) Donor leave Referral Program Benefits for services provided by companies using Commmune 43 “New-normal” benefit (15,000 yen / $150 per month) Internal club activities (Member x 1,000yen provided per activity) PC rental Tools for online communications for remote workers A pass for co-working space “Business-Airport” (all locations)
  40. Our Values on Benefits 44 1. As a premise, we

    believe that it is always best to repay our employees with salary. 2. Otherwise, when it ticks the boxes below, we create new benefits% 3 Enforce client/end-user success and maximizes profit/evaluation of the compana 3 Lead to employee success 3 Contribute to the society 3. We listen to our employees and are flexible when creating new systems. E.g. Childbirth allowance, sick leave 4. We should not be afraid of changing regulations frequently.
  41. Evaluation System 45 Evaluation “Members” and “Experts” Evaluation is conducted

    once every quarter. Their managers will conduct the evaluation, which will be shared with person of an even higher layer for approval. (If board members apply, all the other board members will approve.) We give detailed feedback from 4 perspectives: “excellent points”, “good points”, ”potential for growth”, and “required improvements”. There is an opportunity for salary increase every quarter based on evaluation. “Managers” and “Directors”  Performance in their current role  Performance in thier current role  Potential for their next role  Potential for their next role  Upward feedback  Their subordinates’ growth and performance
  42. 46 Objectives and Key Results (OKR) OKR for 1Q (3

    months& Y Company OKS Y Division OKS Y Individual OKR OKR for 1Q (3 months& Y Company OKS Y Division OKS Y Individual OKR Catch up (1 month& Y Reflect back on previous Q’s OKR, catch up on delays. Set OKR for next c Y 2 weeks to lock dow‚ Y Includes multiple discussions with manager. Our unique OKR cycle is repeated every 4 months.
  43. Ranks 47 Salary is proportional to rank levels. Ranks Ranks

    Roles Roles Entry Level Manager/Expterts Junior Members High performing Managers/ Experts High Performing Players/ Team Leader Directors Players Potential Directors 1 2 4 3 5 6 7 9 8 10 Potential Managers/Experts High performing Directors Me mb ers Ex per ts Ma na ger s Dir ect ors
  44. Salary table - Commmune JPN 48 Basically every division but

    Field Sales and Inside Sales. This includes base salary + overtime (fixed.) No bonus included. Rank 400 (in 0000 JPY) 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,400 1,600 1,800 1 2 3 4 5 6~8 9~10
  45. Salary table (Inside Sales & Field Sales) - Commmune JPN

    49 Applies to Field Sales and Inside Sales. Includes base salary + overtime (fixed.) No bonus included. Rank 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,400 1,600 1,800 1 2 3 4 5 6~8 9~10 Incentive for personal achievements Incentive for division’s achievements (in 0000 JPY)
  46. Salary table - Commmune USA 48 Basically every division but

    Field Sales and Inside Sales. This includes base salary + overtime (fixed.) No bonus included. Rank 200 220 (in $k) 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 1 2 3 4 5 6~8 9~10
  47. Salary table (Inside Sales & Field Sales) - Commmune USA

    49 Applies to Field Sales and Inside Sales. Includes base salary + overtime (fixed.) No bonus included. Incentive for personal achievements Incentive for division’s achievements Rank 200 220 (in $k) 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 1 2 3 4 5 6~8 9~10
  48. Salary (Commmune JPN) - Statistics 50 Opportunities for salary raise

    every Q’s evaluation (based on performance and potential.) Salary Raise/last 6 months Ranks +708,000 JPY 7,300,000 JPY +850,000 JPY 6,400,000 JPY Average Average (as of Nov. 11th, 2021) (excludes overal wage raise) (as of Nov. 11th, 2021) Median Median Rank 2
 (13%) Rank 3
 (40%) Rank 5 (13%) Rank 4
 (17%) Rank 6+ (15%) Rank 1 (2%)
  49. 51 Management’s Thoughts on Creating Organization 超 Working at Commmune

    is challenging and exciting. 
 Talented people “chose us”, instead of us “chosing them.” Company is a mere vihecle for employee’s career success, and it’s our responsibility to match our employees with the right role in the company that aligns with their personal goals. We could maybe even say that employment contract is like a 2-week subscription where we need to continue “being chosen”.
  50. Our Culture 52 Te a m C o m m

    m u n e S u p e r- E s s e n t i a l i s m
  51. Our Culture 53 Te a m C o m m

    m u n e S u p e r- E s s e n t i a l i s m
  52. 54 Decision Process That Enable Us To Maximize Individual Discretion

    Super-Essentialistic Culture At Commmune, all of our business decisions are made based on the question, “Does it maximize our mid-term business growth?” As long as the answer is “Yes” with confidence and dedication, we fully respect an individual’s decision, wether it’s something like "I want to take a plane right now to go on a business trip” or “I want to conduct this marketing plan.”
  53. 55 Flat Organization Super-Essentialistic Culture Avoid anything that interferes with

    focusing on the actual goals (examples below) Specific measures that we take (examples below) i To confuse "blurring" as "caring for other people."™ i To change the nuance of something based on the person's title‘ i To read/expect someone else to read between the lines. i Psychological safety prograt i Call everyone with an honorific "san" equally. Titles are nothing but a role.™ i The "Times" is where you can talk to yourself out loud.
  54. 56 Being Open to Change Super-Essentialistic Culture We only adopt/keep

    practices and routines that are truly valuable and abolish ones that aren't. For example, we abolished all-hands meetings and the dev team's lunch meetings that weren't necessary. We changed our OKR cycle to 4 months because that worked better for us. Including all of the examples above, our employees have raised many of the solved problems.
  55. 57 Transparency Super-Essentialistic Culture We immediately share almost all information

    with everyone in the company, including business KPI, our savings, feedbacks from our external stakeholders to management, and notes from manager meetings. (Excluding personal evaluations, compensations and private information.) This way, everyone can be the decision maker themselves, and spontaneously cooperate with other divisions due to transparency.
  56. 58 Result Oriented Super-Essentialistic Culture We are result oriented. No

    matter how you take your vacations, or do your work, all that matters is that you’re providing results. Things like personal relationships, background, and age does not count. On the other hand, we also evaluate adequacy and efficiency in the process. This is because it leads to maximizing mid-term growth of the business whereas results that are coincidential or comes from trying too hard is unsustainable. Moreover, because just as much as we want Commmune to be a special chapter in your life, we want your life to be fulfilled with quality time with familes/friends, hobbies, and private life outside of Commmune.
  57. 59 Regular Evaluations of Managements By The Members Conducted Through

    eNPS Survey Super-Essentialistic Culture From a super-essintialistic perspective CxO is just a role, but at the same time CxO's capability defines the potential growth of the entire company. That said however, it’s hard to receive feedbacks when you’re working as a CxO. (Of course revenue is one form of feedback but it only comes later and are fragmented.) To address this issue, we conduct an anonymous eNPS survey every quarter so that the management can also receive evaluations and feedback, which requires them to take actions to improve.
  58. Our Culture 60 S u p e r - E

    s s e n t i a l i s m Te a m C o m m m u n e
  59. 61 Psycological Safety Team Commmune Culture We aim to be

    a "Deliberately Developmental Organization" that commits to an individual’s growth (or as we say, updating OS.) In order to do so, it’s important to disclose ourselves to eachother, including our own weaknesses. So our organization is not for those who wants to make themselves look better than they are, or hide their weakness. As an approach to self-disclose, we have a “Psycological Safety Program” where we use a format to write down episodes that shaped us as a person, MBTI results, etc. and hold a 1- on-1 with members/managers.
  60. 62 Straightforward/Honest Feedback Team Commmune Culture We encourage everyone to

    give staightforward and honest feedback to eachother, based on a psycological safety. It does not matter even if it’s a CxO, or an entry level employee, or from a different division. By the way, I (Yuya) probably receive the most amount of feedbacks in the whole company (and I am very thankful for that.)
  61. 63 Aufheben From Conflicts Based on Respect Team Commmune Culture

    The way we work at Commmune is somewhat similar to a professional football team. Each division has different performance indicators and roles, but everyone aims for the one and only “victory”. Because our roles are different, helping eachother and having mutual respect is crucial, and conflicts are bound to occur because we have different performance indicators. At Commmune, I believe there should be healthy conflicts. Constructive discussions should be held between divisons with conflicting interests, based mutual respect, to come up (or aufheben) with a better decision/way to work for our business growth.
  62. 64 Internal Club Activities/Online Communication Tools for Remote Workers For

    Building a Comfortable Relationship Team Commmune Culture Team Commmune trusts eachother and work together. We provide internal club activities, social gatherings, and online communication tools for remote workers. They are not compulsory, and you will not be forced to do any of them. The aim is to become a company where everybody can build comfortable relationships as to act positively to our work.
  63. 65 Thank you for reading! Our goal is to provide

    opportunities to improve LTV and enable Customer Success for everyone. We strive to enable client success, employee success, and stakeholder success, and our goal does not lie in a simple profit growth. It is a grand goal however, with an amazing team and an amazing product, we believe we can make it happen. Right now, we still haven’t even accomplished 1% of what must be done. Would you be interested in working with us and our amazing team? Let’s create the highlight of your career, together.
  64. 35 35 We’re Hiring !