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How Commmune Works(English)

Commmune Inc.
December 22, 2022

How Commmune Works(English)

“Super-essentialism” and“Team Commmune”and"Integrity"are the three values Commmune stands for.

In order for members with diverse backgrounds to have a common understanding within various roles regardless of OS, experiences,
and customs, specific guidelines of values are stipulated below,
and are defined as “How Commmune Works”.

Commmune Inc.

December 22, 2022


    In order for members with diverse backgrounds to have a common
    understanding within various roles regardless of OS, experiences,
    and customs, specific guidelines of values are stipulated below,

    and are defined as “How Commmune Works”.
    “Super-essentialism” and and

    are the three values Commmune stands for.
    “Team Commmune” “Integrity”

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  2. Do’s
    Maximize medium and long
    term business growth
    Overlook mid and long-term
    losses for short-term gains
    Commmune works to change the society over a five-year/ten-
    year span rather than a month/a year.


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  3. Do’s
    Engage with

    an issue
    Focus on

    users and markets
    Worry about competitors
    and third parties
    Be affected by others

    and emotions
    It’s all about users and markets (non-customers). If there is
    any competition to be aware of, that would be to fight against
    the climate of “Customer success and community are
    In order to optimize your decision making, you need to first separate
    yourself and your actions (or others and their actions) so that you can
    reflect on actions. When reflecting, it is not acceptable to affect people
    with unnecessary secondhand stress and make it difficult for them to
    look back on their actions.

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  4. Do’s
    Think through the essence
    of the desired future
    Objectify the "rightness"
    of rationality
    Rationality and essence are not equals. The ability to grasp
    rationality is, so to speak, the basis for grasping the essence.
    It is also important at times to think outside the box of
    rationality to maximize business growth.

    Lack initiatives /

    Work passively
    All of the members are required to work actively for the
    medium-term business growth. Don't be a person who says
    “No one told me that.”, “I didn’t know about it.”, but instead, be
    a go-getter. Most of the time, you are the one who is limiting
    your own duties.

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  5. Do’s Do’s
    Don’ts Don’ts
    Learn from history and
    think on your own
    Behave as an owner to

    any issues
    Have an experience /
    tradition-bound mind
    Be a top-notch

    It is said that “fools learn from experience; a wise man learns
    from history.” At Commmune, we keep history in mind, but we
    also think for ourselvesand pave the best way. (No matter if it’s
    unprecedented or not).
    To realize our vision, we do not need non-initiative critics.
    Always engage with an issue and keep sailing the ship.

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  6. Do’s
    Look forward,
    upward, outward
    Look backward,
    downward, inward
    The result does not make a team vibe better; a good vibe brings
    a better result.


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  7. Do’s
    Have open


    Have unnecessary

    closed communication
    Mistake clarity for
    Commmune ensures all employees have access to a gamut of information
    covering KPI, bank balance (which are reported to stakeholders) and
    stakeholder feedback to foster spontaneity among employees. Closed
    communication is not preferable with the exception of private topics,
    personal assessments and so forth which are deemed sensitive.
    Showing respect to people is as important as reviewing
    actions. Use tools in the right way. Your knives are here to
    solve problems, not to hurt people.

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  8. Do’s Do’s
    Don’ts Don’ts
    Play a role in promoting
    peer growth
    Take responsibility for your
    team’s success
    Disrespect peers’ ideas
    or beliefs
    Just perform your
    minimum duties
    Because the roles of each person are different, each person,
    regardless of department or position, needs to facilitate each
    other's growth in order to realize our vision.
    The key is ownership. In order to attain goals, it is also our duty to
    manage correctly.

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  9. Do’s Do’s
    Don’ts Don’ts
    Pursue better solutions
    without the fear of conflicts
    It is OK to disagree until a
    decision is made. Once it is
    finalized, stick to it

    but speak up
    Complain about what is
    already decided
    Commmune believes that Aufheben (sublimation) from
    conflicts is the ideal way to make decisions. Since each of us
    has a different role, it would be inevitable that conflicts would
    occur. Let's make an honest effort to handle problems and find
    solutions that we all can be happy with.
    Team Commune confronts external affairs altogether. We
    should have a healthy debate toward decision-making. And
    take responsibility for your work and trust in cooperation with
    each other once everything is set.

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  10. Do’s
    Express yourself /
    Be who you are
    Complain about being

    misunderstood while not expressing
    yourself / Exaggerate yourself
    Nothing is good about hiding what (who) you are and making
    yourself seem more than you actually are. Before criticizing
    others for their lack of understanding, explain yourself
    proactively to foster your own growth.

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  11. Do’s
    Resolve issues through
    dialogue between people
    Feel free to speak up
    Play the telephone game
    or use office politics
    Change your message
    depending on who you
    are talking to
    Behavior such as conveying messages through indirect
    communication and attempting to manipulate behind the
    scenes is not Commmune ethos, and such actions will fog
    corporate transparency.
    Review your own/others’ actions and try to communicate with
    the same level of respect with everyone.

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  12. Do’s Do’s
    Don’ts Don’ts
    Give your best,
    Bad news

    Compromise knowing
    you’re not giving 100%
    Hide bad news / Prevent
    anyone from mentioning
    elephants in the room
    Working with integrity toward yourself means always doing
    the best you can.
    The sooner you share bad news, the more trust you will get. It’s
    out of the question for you to hide secrets. But it is even worse
    creating an atmosphere people cannot share bad news.

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  13. Do’s Do’s
    Don’ts Don’ts
    Do a job that you can show to
    anyone - including your
    family and friends

    your emotion
    Do your job with a bit of

    a sense of guilt
    Bother others with

    your emotion
    Each of us commits to our own job. This is a precondition for
    continuing to take on challenges to realize our vision.
    Control yourself as you are a grown-up. This is a business skill

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