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digital marketing trends in 2023

digital marketing trends in 2023


Darshan Parmar

November 18, 2022

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  1. Welcome to Digital Pundit DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS IN 2023

  2. 1. The Metaverse  The metaverse is one of the

    most talked-about trends in digital marketing.
  3. 2. Artificial Intelligence  Artificial intelligence (AI) powers all marketing.

    One of the quiet trends in digital marketing over the last few years has been AI being integrated into almost every digital marketing channel.
  4. 3. Customer Experience  Most algorithms and AI in digital

    marketing optimize for the same thing—creating a better user experience, as this is what matters most.
  5. 4. Short Videos  TikTok and Instagram Reels are taking

    over social media feeds—and consumer attention. There is no question that this format will only continue to grow.
  6. 5. Simple, Clear Messages  With short-form video taking over

    and attention spans constantly dropping, businesses have a bigger challenge than ever. Businesses must be able to communicate in short, quick soundbites to earn attention on mobile devices.
  7. 6. Influencers  Influencers are hot. As the advertising landscape

    becomes more and more cluttered, businesses need to find new ways to get in front of their target audiences. Increasingly, businesses can find opportunities to break through the noise with organic-seeming content via influencers.
  8. 7. Employee Advocacy  Employee advocacy is about getting your

    team or employees talking and sharing on behalf of the business. More and more businesses are realizing the power of their employees.
  9. 8. LinkedIn As A B2B Powerhouse  LinkedIn has been

    around for many years but recently has posted record growth and engagement. It is expected to account for 25% of B2B advertising in two years.
  10. 9. A Focus On Foundations  While it is easy

    to get distracted by the metaverse, Web 3.0, NFTs and AI, the reality of digital marketing is that the foundations of digital marketing still make up the bulk of results for most businesses.
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