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dely Company Deck

October 26, 2021

dely Company Deck

dely company profile deck. (Updated on Oct 26, 2021)

▼About dely
At dely, we operate businesses that brighten the lives of people and society in order to realize our vision, BE THE SUN. Missions are set for each business.

If you are interested in dely, please feel free to contact us to learn more about our business and organization!


October 26, 2021

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  1. dely.inc Company Profile

  2. Table of Contents Company 03 Company Profile 04 Our History

    05 Vision 08 Mission 09 Values 10 Trade On 11 Deliver Passion & Happiness 12 Good to Great 13 Heart to Heart 14 Services 15 kurashiru 16 TRILL 19 Organization 21 Departments 22 dely’s figures 23 Work Environment 26 Office 27 Basic Information 28 Evaluation System 29 Salary Raise 30
  3. Company Company Profile Our History Vision Mission

  4. Company Name dely, Inc. CEO Yusuke Horie Founded in April

    2014 Number of employees 230 (including 70 part-time employees) Locations 〈Tamachi Office(Head Office)〉 msb Tamachi, Tamachi Station Tower N 23F 1-1, Shibaura 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 〈Gotanda Office〉 2nd Floor, Gotanda 2nd Note Building, 7-17-3 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan Capital, etc. 100,000,000 yen Company Profile
  5. Changes in the total number of users 2014 2015 2016

    2014-2016 2017-2019 2020-2021 Our History Released iOS version app kurashiru May Establishment Entered food delivery business January Withdrawn from food delivery business December February Launched recipe video service kurashiru Entered distributed media management business January
  6. 2017 2018 2019 2014-2016 2017-2019 2020-2021 Our History Launched TV

    commercial April Concluded a strategic partnership with Yahoo! JAPAN July Made a design firm Basecamp wholly owned subsidiary July Made TRILL, Inc. a consolidated subsidiary March The number of users has exceeded 15 million
  7. The total number of users has exceeded 80 million 2014-2016

    2017-2019 2020-2021 Our History 2020 2021 Launched flyer business February April ※1 kurashiru ranked in Japan in terms of number of users, app downloads, total followers on SNS and number of recipe videos No.1 TRILL breaks the record for the number of users in Japan No.1 ※2 May December Equipped with an online supermarket function in cooperation with AEON Retail Launched kurashiru’s new TV commercial January Launched Kurashiru retail platform August ※1 Krasil was No.1 in UU (January 1, 2020-June 30, 2020) in the recipe video service as well as DL number and MAU in the recipe video app (as of August 1, 2020). ※2 TRILL was No.1 in the total number of monthly visits of "Beauty & Cosmetics" and "Fashion & Apparel" category media (February 2020).
  8. Vision BE THE SUN Be passionate like and make a

    big impact on the world. Make the world a brighter, more joyful, more peaceful place where everyone is happy and full of smiles. the sun
  9. Mission Delivering happiness to 8 billion people three times a

    day Broadening the opportunities for women to live true to themselves At dely, we operate businesses that brighten the lives of people and society in order to realize our vision, BE THE SUN. Missions are set for each business.
  10. Values Trade On Deliver Passion & Happiness Good to Great

    Heart to Heart
  11. Values In order to achieve our vision and mission, it

    is inevitable for us to take a path to globalization, diversification of our services and organizational structures. Usually, these changes make it difficult for us to communicate with each other, hence lowering our performance. But, our values are permeated throughout the company, so members can ,make quick and quality decisions. Therefore, for dely, the values have been playing an inevitable role in the company`s non-stop growth. Trade On Trade On Deliver Passion & Happiness Good to Great Heart to Heart
  12. Values We will keep on making services that excite and

    delight everybody in the world. We make sure of establishing an organization Where members are encouraged to act on their own initiatives, not forced to be in line with rules and orders from aboce, so we can achieve our vision and mission with great enthusiasm. Deliver Passion & Happiness Trade On Deliver Passion & Happiness Good to Great Heart to Heart
  13. Values At dely, we always view our business from a

    global perspective and never stop striving for the better. We have been growing dramatically and will do so by doing great work that exceeds expectations with our creativity, enthusiasm and technological expertise. Good to Great Trade On Deliver Passion & Happiness Good to Great Heart to Heart
  14. Values At dely, we aim to be an organisation where

    everyone is flat and truly connected. We believe that communication rooted in deep relationships will be the important energy that sustains an organization with high enthusiasm. Heart to Heart Trade On Deliver Passion & Happiness Good to Great Heart to Heart
  15. Services kurashiru TRILL

  16. kurashiru Business Description Business Outlook Kurashiru is Japan's No.1* recipe

    video service with over 30 million app downloads! With the service mission of "delivering happiness to 8 billion people three times a day", we aim to provide a service that is easy to use every day and conveys the warmth of people. 30 million users 9.4million SNS fans 40 thousand recipes About
  17. kurashiru will support the entire process until the rice is

    on the table Find recipe Think about menu Buy food Cook Recipe list function Menu function Flyer function or net supermarket function kurashiru’s recipe videos kurashiru is an integrated service which supports food and living. We offer not only recipe videos but also electronic flyer service "kurashiru flyer" and"menu planning function" to help plan daily menus, and an "online supermarket function" to reduce the hassle of shopping. kurashiru Business Description Business Outlook
  18. kurashiru Business Description Business Outlook kurashiru: With the above as

    the guiding principles for our services and business, we aim to achieve our mission of "delivering happiness to 8 billion people three times a day". ・continues to be a user's problem-driven service ・aims to be a service that can be used not only in Japan but also in the world ・will develop the business beyond the framework of a “recipe video service”. Realizing Our MIssion
  19. TRILL is Japan's No.1* women’s media that broadening the opportunities

    for women to live true to themselves. The number of monthly users exceeds 45 million, and we are developing our business based on the three axes of original content, partner content, and tie-up content by the TRILL editorial department. Partner contents Collaborating with over 100 partners to deliver content centered on beauty and lifestyle 1 TRILL original contents TRILL's editorial team delivers articles on fashion, psychological tests, and other topics that address users' concerns 2 Tie-up contents Support PR and branding of female products such as cosmetics and apparel for client companies 3 TRILL Business Description Business Outlook
  20. With the goal of "creating new user value", TRILL is

    in the process of launching a new business that will become the next core of our existing media business. 2021 will be a major turning point for us as we take on the challenge of evolving our business model in addition to further growth of our existing businesses. TRILL Business Description Business Outlook So far Media business 2021〜 Media business New Business
  21. Organization Departments Dely’s Figures

  22. Departments Marketing Department Create contents, design communication and conduct promotions

    for users Product development department Develop and design products for kurashiru web/app Commerce Business Department Support the launch of online supermarkets in the retail industry Business partner department Plans and propose tie-up advertisements to clients, and propose and promote the business of kurashiru flyers Operate TRILL with the Media business division, Development division and Marketing division TRILL Business Department TRILL Made up of back office specialists such as accounting, IPO, legal affairs, general affairs, labor management, information systems, public relations, recruit, personnel planning etc. Corporate Department kurashiru dely
  23. Ratio of new graduates to mid-career employees We started hiring

    new graduates since 2019 New graduates Mid-career 92% 8% Age structure Average age is 29.6 years old Members of a wide range of ages are active 63% 9% 28% 20’s 30’s 40’s 47% 53% Gender ratio of members Female Male Total Number of employees The total number of members is 230 as of March 2021 69% 31% Regular employees, contract employees Interns and part-time employees Employees Job Categories Systems dely’s figures
  24. 29.8% Sotware Engineers Content Production 8.6% Marketing 16% Planning &

    Sales 28.5% Designers 5.3% Corporate 11.9% Employees Job Categories Systems dely’s figures Example of job categories Planning & Sales Advertisement planning Adverstisement production Advertisement sales Flyer sales Content Production Registered dietitian Food planner Photographer Videographer Marketing Web marketer SNS marketer Content director Creator Software Engineers iOS Android Web Frontend Backend SRE Data Corporate Corporate planning Legal General affairs Public relations Information systens Accounting Ratio of each category
  25. Employees Job Categories Systems dely’s figures 80.2% Use rate of

    flextime Core hours are 10:00-16:00. Work hours can be adjusted between 5:00-22:00. 100% Mac supply rate All regular employees, including engineers, creators, business etc. are provided with a Mac.
 For some positions, detailed PC specifications can be specified at the time of employment. >= 20 Number of internal club activities We have a variety of club activities, from sports clubs such as volleyball and soccer to camping and gorilla club(?). The company provides subsidies for these activities. 27 h Average monthly overtime working hours We focus on improving performance within business hours ※We are suspending our activities in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection.
  26. Work Environment Office Basic Information Evaluation System Salary Raise

  27. Office Gotanda Office In addition to cooking, shooting, and editing

    recipe videos, we also shoot tie-up advertisements with clients. Tamachi Office We do service development and business operation of kurashiru and TRILL, and conduct corporate activities, etc.
  28. Work style Flextime system: Core time 10:00~16:00 Prescribed working hours:

    prescribed working days x 8 hours Commutation allowance Commuting expenses: Actual expenses paid (up to 30,000 yen/month) Basic holidays Saturdays/Sundays/National holidays/Year-end and New Year vacations Anual paid vacations 10 days granted (3 days on your joining date, and 7 days after probation period) Other leave Marriage leave /Childbirth leave / Congratulation or condolence leave / Menstrual leave (up to 1 day per month)/Maternity leave / Childcare leave / Caregiver leave Welfare program Employment insurance / Workers’ accident compensation insurance / Health insurance (Kanto ITS Health Insurance Association) / Employees’ pension insurance / Periodic health checkups /Side jobs are possible within the guidelines / Engineers and designers can purchase peripheral equipment up to 50,000 yen Basic Information
  29. Evaluation System Determining the grade Setting goals Evaluate by performance

    against goals At dely, we set and evaluate grades based on values as follows. ※ In order to ensure fair evaluation (members who perform well are evaluated), a monthly salary system has been adopted instead of a bonus system. ※Evaluation is conducted once every quarter (every 3 months), and salary review is conducted twice a year. Grade is decided according to individual ability. Grades require both skills and culture. We will provide a fair evaluation of the “Good goals” based on the following perspectives. We do not consider years of service, age, gender, race, etc We focus on performance, not process. Once every three months, we will set two goals, Good and Great. Skill requirement Project management skill, people management skill, technical skills, etc. “Good goals” The goals are achievable and appropriate for the grade. ※Only “Good goals” are actually evaluated. Culture requirement Understanding, acting on, and spreading values “Great goals” The “Great” goals are ambitious high goals for significant growth. We will always work with the “Great goals” in mind.
  30. Average Salary Raise Between January 2017 and January 2021, the

    average salary increased by 167% 2018.1 2019.1 2020.1 2021.1
  31. Seven years have passed since dely was founded. In order

    to realize our vision, , we need to grow our organization and business further. If you fulfill the following criteria, please consider joining dely! BE THE SUN A person who shares dely's vision and has an interest in creating a business that brightens the lives of people and society A person who can play a role in solving issues for the future of kurashiru and TRILL A person who embodies the values that dely cherish together with us
  32. dely 採用 https://dely.jp If you're interested, let's have a talk! Please

    contact us by clicking on the at the top right of the corporate website. "Recruit"