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Choosing your framework − Laravel & Symfony

Choosing your framework − Laravel & Symfony

Choosing the right framework might be a difficult task. This presentation tries to give some basic facts about the two frameworks without going in to technical.


Bart Van den Brande

March 27, 2015


  1. Choosing your framework − Laravel & Symfony @denbatte

  2. A framework is like a cocktail. Mixed ingredients that form

    a perfect result. Everyone has their favourite. @denbatte
  3. Who are the bartenders and where to find the recipes?

  4. #symfonyhavetofollow @sensiolabs @symfony_en @symfony @fabpot

  5. #laravelhavetofollow @philsturgeon @laravelIO @laravelphp @laravelnews

  6. Symfony symfony documentatie twig documentatie doctrine documentatie symfony api documentatie

    symfony (cook)book knpuniversity
  7. Laravel laravel.io laravel documentatie laravel api laravel books laracasts laravel

  8. Exact measurement makes a perfect cocktail

  9. Google trends Laravel Symfony

  10. Laravel framework 649.000 Google search results “That’s a big number,

    they must be proud!”
  11. Symfony framework 687.000 “Whoa! That’s an even bigger number!” Google

    search results
  12. 04.400 Github Commits 3.180 Packagist Packages 99,8% PHP Laravel

  13. 19.811 Github Commits 3,375 Packagist Packages 99,6% PHP Symfony

  14. Data, The base of our cocktail

  15. Symfony Entity Migration Database

  16. Symfony

  17. Composer: Laracasts/generator Laravel Migration Model Seeds Database

  18. Laravel

  19. Seeds Testdummy Faker Composer: laracasts/testdummy

  20. ORM: getting the ingredients

  21. Laravel ELOQUENT Static facades

  22. Symfony DOCTRINE

  23. Templates It’s all about the looks!

  24. Laravel @BLADE Directly translated to PHP

  25. Symfony {% TWIG %}

  26. Different tastes, different target groups

  27. Laravel FULL SERVICE GUIDANCE Homestead Laracasts Forge Elixir Envoyer Laravel

  28. Symfony FINE GRAINED CONTROL Coding style Industry standard Modular Components

  29. The perfect cocktail conclusion

  30. - This framework is fairly easy to start with. -

    It’s very powerful and has a strong opinion on how to do things. - It has some build in functionality and tools to get you started quickly. Laravel Symfony - This framework is VERY powerfull, provides lots of flexibility and extensibility. - There is no ultimate way of doing things. - It has a proven stability and is being supported by “the industry”.
  31. There is no “best” framework, its all about personal taste.

    CONCLUSION https://joind.in/14312