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Design Critique - Spotify Mobile App

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May 27, 2019

Design Critique - Spotify Mobile App



May 27, 2019


  1. Design Critique Spotify App Ghis Bakour www.fatasuir9.com

  2. Spotify is a global music and podcast streaming service that

    disrupted the music industry and changed the way we listen to music today. Spotify provides access to millions of songs from artists all over the world to 100 million paid subscribers.
  3. My Process 1 Scoping 2 Heuristics Evaluation 3 Persona 4

    Identify Problems 5 Suggest Solutions 6 Summary
  4. In the following screens I will address and present some

    of my own design views and suggested design solutions to Spotify mobile application on the Android platform. Scope
  5. Heuristics Evaluation The main purpose of conducting heuristic evaluation is

    to uncover usability issues by reviewing an application and compare it against accepted usability principles. I personally prefer to start with this method due to its simplicity earlier in the process to identify problems associated with the interface design. What is Heuristics Evaluation | www.interaction-design.org/literature/topics/heuristic-evaluation
  6. - Aesthetic and minimalist design - Consistency and standards -

    Visibility of system status - User control and freedom - Match between system and the real world - Error prevention - Recognition rather than recall - Flexibility and efficiency of use - Recognize, diagnose and recover from errors - Help and documentation Nielsen and Molich's Design Heuristics Ten Design Heuristics | www.nngroup.com/articles/ten-usability-heuristics
  7. None
  8. Spotify application has a minimalist design, consistent design language and

    a comprehensive easy to use visual hierarchy with slick multi-level navigation systems well-rounded with complex conditions that allow full flexibility and efficiency of use. My review
  9. 3 Persona Creating a persona for me is essential and

    it helps me to stay user focused when identifying usability problems.
  10. 3 Premium User Android Manager 30 Years Old Alfred

  11. Identify Probelms Next, I have gathered an extensive list of

    problems that are based on assumptions made on limited evidence according to the persona.
  12. Problem 01 Complexity of choices Endless selection of Playlists: -

    Recently played - Jump back in - Your favourite artists - Popular radio - Your favourite songs - For Fans of [artist] - Suggested artists - Popular artists - Similar to [artist] - Recommended for today - Best of artists - Made for you - Trending now near you - Album picks
  13. — William Edmund Hick The time it takes to make

    a decision increases with the number and complexity of choices. Hick’s Law | www.interaction-design.org/literature/article/hick-s-law-making-the-choice-easier-for-users
  14. Lateral navigation hierarchy provides instant access to high level destination

    in mobile applications introduced in Material Design by Google. However, the proximity of high level Spotify navigations and the minimised music player bar is tight and that may lead to a false signal of visual grouping. Problem 02 Close Proximity
  15. — Gestalt Principles Objects that are near, or proximate to

    each other, tend to be grouped together. Gestalt Principles | www.interaction-design.org/literature/topics/gestalt-principles
  16. Problem 03 False system status "Devices available" system status leads

    to a screen where users can connect nearby bluetooth devices. However, PS4-549 device is offline.
  17. Suggest Solutions Based on the problems found, I would propose

    quick design solutions that can be further validated through qualitative research methods (e.g. rapid wireframing, usability testing)
  18. Solutions: Problem: Complexity of choices Reducing the number of playlist

    selections and scrolling will help users select and play their favourite music much quicker. Improve the Information Architecture by introducing a top level navigation for the explorer persona who would like to listen to new music suggested by Spotify. 1 2
  19. Solutions: Problem: Close Proximity Ideate an alternative placement for the

    minimised music player. Update the visual hierarchy and the current placement of Spotify’s high-level navigation to the top of the screen. 1 2
  20. 5 There’s no necessity of showing an indicator of "Available

    Devices" nearby while they are offline unless they are turned on. Solution: Problem: False system status
  21. Summary

  22. 6 All proposals in this document are based on a

    hypothetical user scenario and unique user journey. Design principles and expert reviews are guidelines and only considered the starting point of the process. Therefore, validating design solutions with the end user through usability testing is crucial in the design thinking curriculum for crafting delightful experiences.
  23. The End For questions, email me: fata.suir9@gmail.com