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Using Symfony 2 Components In Your Application

by Lars Janssen

Published March 18, 2014 in Technology

Symfony2 is a modern PHP framework that can help you create clean, maintainable applications. Maybe you would consider adopting it, but don’t have the opportunity to start afresh? Fortunately, Symfony2 is very modular so you can incorporate some of its stand-alone components without having to rewrite your whole application.

In this talk I give a brief introduction to the Symfony2 framework and some of its components such as DependencyInjection, Config and YAML, Form and Validator and also Console. While not part of Symfony2 itself, I give Twig and Monolog a mention as well. I show how any of these can be added to an existing application, so hopefully by the end you’ll want to try some of them yourself.

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