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Coding the Dream: an introduction to Hoodie, Offline First and noBackend

by Lena Reinhard

Published August 23, 2014 in Technology

An introduction to Hoodie (http://hood.ie and @hoodiehq on Twitter):
- what Hoodie has to do with Cheesecake
- the Hoodie philosophy and eventual goals (Empowerment, Diversity, Decentralisation, Independence, Freedom)
- Hoodie's core concepts (Offline First, noBackend, Dreamcode)
- how to get started with Hoodie
- how Hoodie works
- how to support Hoodie

Slides from a talk given by Ola Gasidlo (@misprintedtype on Twitter) and Lena Reinhard (@ffffux) at FrOSCon 2014 (http://froscon.de/).

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