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Open Source and the Mayas or: Building a future for Open Source

by Lena Reinhard

Published May 10, 2014 in Technology

This talk is about what changes in Free, Libre and Open Source Culture (referring to Open Source from now on) we need to be even able to build a future for Open Source. It covers:
- Culture in general
- The status of Open Source today (technology-, business-, value-wise)
- The Hybridism in Open Source / Open Source Software as the materialization of communications in the project
- The role & relevance of the community
- Diversity (in Gender, Sexual Orientation, Skills, Ethnicities)
- Software-building as an act of representation
- User-centered design
- Democracy & Decentralization
- Relevance of helping people speak out
- Power Structurs in OS Communities; Cliques, Elites, Bro Culture
- Meritocracy, the issues behind "earning merit"

This talk was given at wonderful Codefront 2014 (codefront.io).

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