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Sprint 2 | Product Studio

Sprint 2 | Product Studio

Fall 2016
Cornell Tech
The New York Times (Community)



October 21, 2016


  1. dispel Community Delia Casa Frances Coronel Chumeng Xu

  2. “ How might we create a safe place for people

    of all backgrounds to discuss important local, national, and global issues?
  3. None
  4. Our Journey Moderator Bots Demographic Profile Sorting Algorithm

  5. User Findings “nothing informative to contribute” “my comments are not

    seen or valued” “I don’t care about the issue”
  6. None
  7. Reader’s View

  8. Reader’s View

  9. Validation Results 90% 80% 100% “ The second had a

    lot more context, so you knew what the comments were on. ” more likely to read the comments more likely to comment more likely to do one or the other
  10. Commenter Editor Q A &

  11. None
  12. Commenters IBM Watson Alchemy API Prompt user to comment with

    targeting questions Automatically extract key attributes from article and generate question stems Self identify user attributes System Architecture Commenting Platform Content Management System Editor Database of User Attributes Ad Targeting Automated Social Media Publishing Better Article Recommendations
  13. What’s next? • market analysis • de-risking • code it