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Studio Session #11 | Accenture Liquid Studio

Studio Session #11 | Accenture Liquid Studio

A slightly edited version of the Wearables slide deck.

Presented to entire Liquid Studio Team as part of the weekly studio sessions.

Accenture | Liquid Studio
Wearables Team
Summer 2016 Intern



July 27, 2016





  4. Services We Offer at the Studio Application Modernization Bring existing

    applications onto new architecture platforms and migrate to cloud. Innovation and Design Thinking Workshops Ideate with studio residents. Emerging Tech Experimentation and Prototyping Accelerate solutions for the Internet of Things and wearables. Rapid Application Development Build applications in days using liquid architecture principles, cloud infrastructure and modern delivery methods. Architecture Assessment Assess and create a roadmap to modernize architecture. Cloud Migration Migrate applications and infrastructure to PaaS, IaaS or a virtualized infrastructure. Intelligent Automation Apply robotic process automation, analytics and artificial intelligence to dramatically reduce cycle time. Product and Platform Engineering End-to-end services to launch, scale and operate software products and platforms.
  5. None
  6. Tele Medicine Warehouse Logistics Remote Support Training 2 Way Video

    Quality Assurance Business Apps
  7. None
  8. OPINION The best part of being on the wearables team?

    “I get to play with new toys a lot which is probably the coolest part - nobody else gets to use it and sometimes its not even out yet”
  9. TEAM

  10. OUR TEAM

  11. blumbr01 brentblum Brent Blum G L O B A L

    W E A R A B L E L E A D & S E N I O R P R I N C I P A L ~2K followers on LinkedIn. Founded the Wearable Technology Practice at Accenture and leads day-to-day operations. Work within enterprise wearables has been recognized by Forbes, CBS, CIO Magazine, the WSJ, TechCrunch and others. Holds a degree in Management Information Systems from Wake Forest University.
  12. AJ_Bubb ajbubb ajbubb.com AJ Bubb N O R T H

    A M E R I C A N W E A R A B L E S P R A C T I C E A N D L I Q U I D S T U D I O L E A D ENTREPRENEUR, SPEAKER, AND TECHNOLOGIST located in the Silicon Valley, specializing in emerging technologies such as Wearables and Internet of Things, including Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and systems integration platforms. Recipient of Philadelphia Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40.
  13. g_carre guillaumecarre Guillaume Carre E T A N D W

    E A R A B L E S T E C H A R C H C O N S U L T A N T Enthusiastic team player committed to delivering results and bilingual. Holds a BS in Robotics and a MS in Artificial Intelligence from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. In charge of the entire life cycle of high visibility R&D systems using wearable or mobile devices such as smart glasses, smart watches, tablet or mobile phone.
  14. curtiswilcox Curtis Wilcox W E A R A B L

    E S T E C H A R C H S R . A N A L Y S T Computer Engineer experienced in several technologies. Currently part of the Wearables team at Accenture, focusing on delivering solutions for enterprise clients using wearable technology. Graduated from Santa Clara University with both an MS and a BS in Computer Science & Engineering.
  15. thatvrguy davearendash thatvrguy.com Dave Arendash T E C H A

    R C H M A N A G E R Prior to joining Accenture he was an independent consultant helping various AR and VR startups in the San Francisco Bay area with rapid prototyping and guidance, building on nearly two decades of experience working on AR, VR, 3D simulations, and others using game technology for real-world solutions.
  16. BenHolfeld benholfeld benholfeld.com Ben Holfeld A P P C O

    N S U L T A N T Thousands of followers. Tons of mobile language apps. With a profound scientific- technological and business-management background, Benjamin Holfeld is pursuing a career as a consultant with focus on mobile solutions. His main strengths are problem- solving, creativity, perseverance and a focused-efficient work style.
  17. TECH

  18. • first fully untethered, see- through holographic computer • enables

    high-definition holograms to come to life • seamlessly integrates with physical places, spaces, and things
  19. • capable of support 3D content with stereoscopic imagery •

    runs custom version of Android KitKat, dubbed ReticleOS • device was built to be robust and potentially used in rough environments
  20. • wearable computer with optical head-mounted display • displays info

    in smartphone hands-free format with voice commands • failed to produce mass-market ubiquitous solution
  21. • world’s first commercially available smart glasses • focused on

    enterprise applications before Google Glass • Android-based wearable computer enhanced with wearable monocular display and onboard processor
  22. • started to ship in April of 2015 • sold

    12 million last year at an avg. price of $500 • 3 editions: Apple Watch, Apple Sport, and Apple Watch Edition

  24. TOOLS

  25. None
  26. Languages

  27. Applications

  28. Platforms

  29. Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

  30. None
  31. AR vs VR

  32. Potential of AR in Enterprise

  33. None
  34. None
  35. None
  36. None
  37. None
  38. Potential of VR in Enterprise

  39. None
  40. None
  41. None
  42. None
  43. None
  44. The last form factor before we figure out how to

    connect a computer to our brains
  45. TASKS

  46. Example Dev Workflow in 5 Steps

  47. OPTIONAL MAYBE Preview Terminal Franz ChromeADB Chrome Unity SourceTree MonoDevelop

  48. 1. Clone the project from Newsource

  49. 2. Open project in Unity.

  50. 3. Make changes!

  51. 4. Build and Install

  52. Pull up app’s backdrop

  53. 5. Push changes to Newsource!


  55. Random Workflow Tips

  56. Use Terminal for ADB Commands adb devices adb ls sdcard

    abd push file /sdcard abd pull sdcard/file adb install apkpath adb uninstall apkname
  57. Use Chrome ADB for GUI

  58. Use Franz to communicate

  59. Use Spotify for music

  60. Use Alfred 3 for faster workflows

  61. None
  62. Use BetterSnapTool For Easy Snapping

  63. None
  64. FIN

  65. fvcproductions fvcproductions fvcproductions.com Frances Coronel S U M M E

    R 2 0 1 6 W E A R A B L E S I N T E R N Upcoming M.Eng in CS student at Cornell Tech in NYC. Like to dabble with things that ought to be dabbled with. Developer with a design background who gets a lot of personal satisfaction out of helping her local tech community through varied skill set.

  67. Thanks!