Asynchronous JavaScript and Promises

Asynchronous JavaScript and Promises

The talk was largely inspired by Philip Robert’s talk (Help, I'm stuck in an event-loop) and Kris Kowal’s Q promise library, and explores the following topics:

1. Browser and Node.js asynchronous JavaScript requirements and implementations
2. Asynchronous JavaScript and concurrency
3. How asynchronous control flow is implemented
4. Callbacks and why/how to minimize their use
5. Promises: background, usage, benefits, implementations, etc.

The talk is designed to cover promises and how to use them in depth, but more importantly to cover the often misunderstood asynchronous nature of JavaScript. Asynchronous JavaScript implementations suffer from quality and easily accessible resources online. A solid understanding of asynchronous JavaScript is critical to understanding the role of callbacks and promises in JavaScript, including when to use them.


Alex Castrounis

August 26, 2014