How to copy Spotify in 30 min

E8e8b4a659aa388110b8f3e73c26fe8d?s=47 Cliff Hazell
November 13, 2015

How to copy Spotify in 30 min

Often we hear of people trying to be like Spotify because we have “solved all our problems".
As a result many copy some of our most visible artifacts and practices.

While we like that people draw inspiration from us, it’s important to remember the papers and talks we’ve shared are only part of the story.
The picture is incomplete, only show a snapshot. Much change has occurred and It’s hard to capture all of this is a single paper or talk.
It’s also important to understand why we did certain things, not just what we did, as they are solutions to our specific problems.

In this talk I’ll explain why attempting to copy us might be harder than it looks.
Specifically I'll cover some common approaches we don't use, what we do instead, and why I believe this to be very important.


Cliff Hazell

November 13, 2015